How To Show Your Dog You're Thankful For Him

Dogs are the real MVPs this year 🏆

how to show your dog you love him

’Tis the season for showing those we love just how thankful we are for them.

And your dog probably deserves the most gratitude out of everyone.

Your dog has been there for you through the ups and downs of 2020 — what a freaking year! — and he’s been there with his usual reassuring, happy grin on his face.

So now is the perfect time to show your pup just how special he is and how thankful you are for all his wonderfulness.

A dog bonus? They don’t need much to feel fully appreciated. Most of the time, just your snuggles and pets will do.

That, of course, is true love.

Go on some extra-long walks (and let him sniff EVERYTHING!)

If there’s one thing your dog loves, it’s the ‘W’ word. To show your pup you’re extra thankful for him this season, strap on his favorite harness, put on his favorite coat and take him out on a nice, long walk.

But not just any walk. For this one, let him take his sweet, sweet time exploring and sniffing EVERYTHING! Refrain from pulling him away from that one bush, and just let him have the time of his life.

Settle in for some much-needed cuddle time

There’s nothing like cuddles to make your pup feel special. Grab your favorite cozy blanket, throw on a feel-good movie and get your snuggle on.

Get him a brand-new bed

Probably the second most popular place for your dog — after your lap — is his bed. If your pup’s bed is a little raggedy from all that digging, it might be time to show him you love him by getting him the cuddliest upgrade.

Stock up on his favorite toys and treat

Whether your pup loves peanut butter, tennis balls or just your classic dog biscuit, make sure you have plenty on hand to shower him with presents.

Like these Purina Busy Bones for $9.99 from Target.

Give him all the scratches

Of course you already give your pup all the pets, but while you’re super focused on showing him how grateful you are for his constant positivity, go ahead and give him even more behind-the-ears scratches than usual.

When life gets weird, your dog is the one you go to help you feel happy and normal again. With just these little extra displays of affection, you’ll be able to show your dog just how thankful you are for him. And it’ll make you feel good, too!

Product placement paid for by Purina.