How To Choose The Best Dog Name

And our own all-time favorites 😂

If you just adopted a new dog, you’re probably in the process of picking out the best name for your newest family member.

Of course, if your pup is older, you might want to keep your pup’s name as is — sometimes they really just fit so well (or she’s had it for years and is probably used to it).

But if you are looking to name — or rename — your pup, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Wait to see her personality

Your dog’s name may come to you once you get to know her a little more.

This happened with my own dog. She had been named Sandy by my friend who saw her being thrown out of a car and saved her, but I just didn’t think “Sandy” fit her.

It wasn’t until a little while later, when I heard her make a sweet growl at a funny dog who tried to steal her treat, that her name clicked in my head. I remember saying “Wow! You sound just like a lion!” — and that’s when she became Nala.

Your dog might do something that makes a name POP for you. Choose that one.

Make sure it doesn’t confuse commands

While your dog is definitely a genius, she still might get some words and commands mixed up. So make sure you think it through before naming your pup a word that rhymes with “sit,” for example.

Have fun with it

While the classic dog names are popular for a reason — like Spot, Rover or Lucky — you can always take this opportunity to get creative with your names! Whether that means you’re naming your pair of pittie brothers after your favorite sandwich (Peanut Butter and Jelly) — or you have a wise old pup you want to call Oak — now’s the time to make sure you’re not one of the three other parents calling “Max!” at the dog park.

To spark some inspiration, we asked The Dodo team for the most memorable dog names they’ve ever heard:

  • Tuggy
  • Mayhem
  • Garbage
  • Kimmy Gibbler
  • Slow Moe
  • Wheels
  • Coconut & Shrimp (for siblings, of course)

Whatever you name her, your pup is so unique and special that she's sure to make it her own.