How To Get My Lazy Dog Moving

And bond a little bit, too 🤗

Do you have a dog who’d rather sleep all day than do much of anything else?
While these lazy balls of fur are absolutely amazing for couch snuggles and watching TV all weekend, it’s still important — even if they don’t agree — for them to get in some exercise.
In fact, being fit and healthy is going to help your pup in all kinds of amazing mental and physical ways — just like it does for people.
So to help you figure out how to get your lazy dog up and about, The Dodo spoke to Dr. Albert Ahn, veterinary advisor at Myos Pet, for some tips.

Get moving yourself

“The best tip to get your dog moving is to start moving yourself,” Dr. Ahn said.
Which makes total sense, since your dog loves being right by your side. This will also help YOU increase your activity yourself — and what’s more bonding than an owner and their trusty dog out in the world and getting their fit on?

Start with a classic dog walk

If your pup isn’t used to exercising, don’t just leash up your pup and go for a run — your BFF needs more TLC than that. Instead, start with a walk that’s just a bit longer than your usual pee-fast-and-go-back-inside sessions.
Even just going an extra block that first day is something, right!?

Gradually increase activity

Once you get your dog moving, remember to gradually increase the length of the walks or exercise activity. “If you overdo it on day one, your dog may not be as motivated or interested the next time you approach him to go for a long walk,” Dr. Ahn said.

Instead, gradually build up your exercise program to build more muscle, which in turn will help to shed fat from your sedentary friend. 

And remember, have a good time. Let your pup explore the neighborhood with his nose and check out some new surroundings, and eventually you’ll be out there hiking on a Sunday.

OK — maybe your lazy pup won’t go that far, but you’ll both still have an awesome time getting out and moving together. <3

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