8 Crazy Hanukkah Dog Sweaters For 8 Crazy Nights

Plus, matching sweaters for you 🕎

sweater and dog in sweater that says if life gives you potatoes make latkes

There’s an endless amount of Christmas dog sweaters out there, but a Hanukkah dog sweater can be tough to track down.

Luckily for you, we rounded up some of the cutest, classiest and (adorably) tackiest Hanukkah dog sweaters your pup can rock this holiday season.

In fact, there’s one for each night!

Our eight favorite picks for a Hanukkah dog sweater

A shirt that doubles as solid life advice: “If Life Gives You Potatoes, Make Latkes” Dog Hanukkah Shirt

These are words to live by, not just this holiday season, but year-round. And the shirt is made with 100 percent cotton, so it’s as comfy as it is wise.

A simple and straightforward shirt: Frisco Happy Hanukkah Dog & Cat T-shirt

It’s not technically a sweater, but this tee is cute and fun. And it’s lightweight, so your pup won’t be too hot when you’re inside with the heat cranked this winter.

A dreidel sweater that’s super adorable: Dreidel Dog Hanukkah Shirt

This cozy tank is handmade and ranges from sizes XS to 3XL, so it’s got any dog covered. Plus, if you contact the shop owner, you can order yourself a matching shirt, too!

A clever hoodie for the dog who wants to turn up: Fabdog Holiday Hoodies

This punny sweatshirt is the perfect combination of cute and tacky. And it’s super soft to keep your pup cozy.

A sweet shirt for the pup who loves you “a latke”: “I Love You A Latke” Dog Hanukkah Shirt

This outfit is a constant reminder of how much your dog loves you. Isn’t that what everyone wants to hear during the holidays?

A patterned sweater for a classy celebration: Homimp Dog Sweater

This Scandinavian design is gorgeous and perfect for the holidays. And the turtleneck will keep your pup nice and warm in the winter weather.

Another punny sweater: Tipsy Elves® Hanukkah "I Love My Doggy/Human A Latke" Sweater for Pups + People

If you like twinning with your dog during the holidays, you’re in luck — there’s a matching option for you, too!

The perfect choice for the life of the party: Tipsy Elves® Hanukkah "Get Lit" Dog Sweater

Between the big font and the cute wordplay, this sweater definitely gets the point across. So fitting for your literal party animal.

Any one of these Hanukkah dog sweaters would make the perfect addition to your BFF’s winter wardrobe. (Or if you’re really feeling like spoiling your pup, you could always get him a different sweater for each night.)

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