Here Are 11 Of The Cutest Halloween Dog Collars

These collars are so festive 🎃

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Dressing your dog up for Halloween is lots of fun, but you can’t make him wear a costume every day (your pup wouldn’t be too happy about it).

Instead, a Halloween-themed dog collar is the perfect low-key accessory that your pup can wear for basically all of October.

To help you find the best festive collars, we’ve rounded up 11 of the cutest Halloween dog collars that your dog will definitely like wearing more than his costume.

11 best Halloween dog collars

These are some of our favorites.

This Halloween collar with so many styles: Native Pup Halloween Dog Collar

This collar comes in a bunch of Halloween-themed patterns, including candy corn, bats, pumpkins, spiders and ghosts, so you can pick your and your dog’s favorite (or get a different one for every day of the week). It’s made of a durable polyester fabric and has a strong plastic closure. There's a place to attach your dog’s leash, and the collar comes in three sizes (small, medium and large). It’s also adjustable to fit your pup comfortably.

This collar with a jingling pumpkin: Bolbove Pet Adjustable Halloween Collar with Bell for Dogs

This collar comes with an adorable pumpkin bell attached! It comes in two patterns, pumpkins and ghosts, and is available in two sizes, small and large. The collar is adjustable and has a hook for your leash.

This collar that’s plaid perfection: azuza Bowtie Dog Collar

This collar is a fun and festive orange and black plaid and has a bow tie. (The bow tie is also removable, so you can mix and match it with other collars.) It comes in multiple sizes and is adjustable. The collar is made of nylon and has a plastic buckle and a hook to attach a leash.

This “Coco” collar for Día de los Muertos: Pixar Coco Dog Collar

Is there a better way to celebrate Día de los Muertos than with this “Coco” collar? The cute, bright design is perfect for fans of the acclaimed Disney and Pixar film.

This creepy-cute Jack-o-lantern collar: Frisco Scary Pumpkins Dog Collar

This collar has a spooky jack-o’-lantern pattern. It’s made of polyester with an Ultra-Weld seal to make it extra durable. It comes in multiple adjustable sizes for different sized pups and has a plastic buckle and a nickel-coated ring to attach a leash. There’s also a separate ring for your dog’s ID tags.

This collar that will drive you batty: Frisco Purple Bat Wing Dog Collar with Wings

The bow tie on this collar is actually a bat — perfect for Halloween! The collar is purple with a bat print to match the bow tie, and the bow tie is removable. It’s made of durable polyester with a plastic buckle and a nickel-coated ring for your pup’s leash.

This Baby Yoda collar that’s too cute: STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN GROGU Pumpkin Dog Collar

Even if you’ve never seen “The Mandalorian,” you probably know (and love) Baby Yoda. And this themed collar shows the adorable character alongside Halloween staples like pumpkins, spiders and bats.

This classic orange collar: Joytale Reflective Dog Collar

If you want just a touch of Halloween style, you can get an orange collar like this one. It’s reflective to keep your dog safe when walking him at night, and it has neoprene padding to keep him extra comfy. The material is also durable and fast drying. It comes in multiple sizes and is adjustable.

The perfect collar for “Beetlejuice” fans: BEETLE SET — Black and White Stripe Dog Collar and Leash Set

If you like things that are strange and unusual, you’ll love this Beetlejuice collar! It’s handmade with a black and white striped pattern and a lime green edge and comes in multiple sizes. The collar is made of nylon with a black metal buckle and ring for tags and a leash. It even includes an engraved tag that says one of Beetlejuice’s famous phrases, “It’s showtime,” a striped removable bow tie and a matching leash.

(You can also get just the collar from Etsy for $16.)

This custom collar that’s as festive as it is fancy: Pumpkin Dog Collar Personalized

This pumpkin print collar is handmade and comes in black with black hardware or white with gold hardware. It’s also personalizable — you can get your dog’s name engraved on the collar clasp. It comes in multiple sizes and is adjustable to fit every pup.

This bow collar for pumpkin lovers: Elegant little tail Dog Collar with Bow

This collar is striped with a mini pumpkin pattern. It’s made of cotton and has a removable bow tie, so you basically get two collars in one (plus you can put the bow tie on your dog’s other collars). It comes in multiple sizes and is adjustable, and it has a durable buckle and ring for your dog’s leash.

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