Scary-Cute Halloween Cat Toys Perfect For Spooky Season

From catnip plushies to scratch houses.

Since cats can’t indulge in candy come Halloween, you’re probably looking for something just as fun to get your BFF in the spooky spirit. Along with some Halloween-themed cat treats, you may want to pick up a handful of scarily good cat toys for her to play with, too!

We found some of the cutest (and spookiest!) Halloween cat toys your cat can play with during the Halloween season. From catnip-infused bats to haunted mansion scratchers, your cat’s feistiness will come out in the best way.

The best Halloween cat toys for Halloween 2022

Here are the best on-theme cat toys we found.

For the track toy fans: Frisco Halloween Cat Tracks Toy

If your cat can play with a track toy for hours, then she’ll love this Halloween-themed track toy from Frisco. It’s black and comes with three balls and two interchangeable feather toys that stick out of the top.

To really make Halloween into an event: Frisco Halloween 13 Day Advent Calendar

Give your cat a new daily toy in the 13 days leading up to Halloween! This Advent calendar from Frisco has 13 spooky-themed toys for your cat, including plastic balls, plush toys, crinkle toys and bouncy toys.

For the cat who loves to kick: KONG Kickeroo 2-in-1 Witch Plush Cat Toy

KONG’s Kickeroo toys are made for those cats who love to kick while they play. This plush cat witch is packed with catnip and comes with a removable broom your cat can work at getting out of the cauldron.

Because cats can get bored of the same old, same old: Bootique Multipack Witches Cat Toy

Give your cat a bunch of different Halloween-themed toys to play with and pick up this variety pack from Bootique. This pack comes with crinkle toys, plushies and a plastic ball, so your cat definitely won’t get bored.

For scratching and playing: Frisco Halloween Pumpkin and Ghost Interactive Scratcher Toy

When your cat isn’t trying to catch the dangling ghost or pumpkin on this toy, she can use the base as a scratching post and pad! The plush danglers are stuffed with catnip, so she’ll be drawn to this toy over and over again.

A truly creepy cat toy: Frisco Halloween Spooky Fingers

Don’t freak yourself out if you stumble upon one of these Frisco fingers in your house! Each finger comes with red ribbons attached for extra fun, and the fingers are also filled with catnip to keep the game interesting.

For the spookiest game of hide-and-go-seek: Thrills & Chills Halloween Swirl Crinkle Sack Toy

For cats who love to hide and play in their own little dens, this crinkle sack toy from Thrills & Chills will give your cat the perfect place to hang out. You can place her treats and toys in there for her to make it feel extra cozy.

For the master of the manor: Frisco Halloween Mansion Cardboard Cat House

If your cat rules your house, give her a mansion of her own. This scratcher house from Frisco is built to look like a haunted mansion. It features two levels of cardboard for your cat to scratch, or you can place a bed inside to give her a bit of privacy.

If your cat is a foodie: Frisco Halloween Haunted Mozarella Sticks

This set of “haunted” mozzarella sticks comes with three catnip-filled fingers and a catnip-filled dipping sauce. Put everything in the bowl, and your cat will want to investigate it all!

Send your cat on a chase: Bootique Bat Fling Toy

Fling this bat toy and watch your cat go wild trying to find it. It’s stuffed with organic catnip and features feathers that will keep your cat endlessly entertained.

Keep it simple: Frisco Halloween Bat Mice Toys

There’s just something about these little catnip mice that drive cats wild. These mice come in Halloween colors, and each mouse has its own set of bat wings. You can pick up a pack of five for just $11.

For the tunnel lovers: Frisco Halloween Checkered Foldable Tunnel

If your cat is a tunnel fiend, then she’ll love running back and forth in this Halloween-themed cat tunnel from Frisco. Not only does it feature Halloween colors, but there’s also a catnip-filled bat dangling at one end for your cat to play with.

Give your cat a magic wand: Frisco Halloween Teaser Wand

This teaser wand from Frisco comes with three interchangeable danglers — one with a spider and web, another with a pumpkin, and another with a bat and ghost — meaning you can switch up the fun all Halloween season.

Your cat will have the best Halloween ever if she gets to play with one (or all!) of these toys. Who needs candy when you have catnip, right?

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