The 6 Best Guinea Pig Cages For Your New BFF

You might be surprised by how big the cage should be 🤔

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You might think your guinea pig will be fine in any small animal cage you buy, but there’s actually a lot you should consider when picking out the best one.

The best guinea pig cages are big enough for the number of guinea pigs you have, have a solid floor and wire bars on the sides of the cage, and have one level or an easily accessible second level.

We reached out to Leah Fuesse, a licensed veterinary technician with DodoVet, to find out how to pick out the perfect cage for your pig.

What to look for in a guinea pig cage

To get the best home for your guinea pig, you’ll want to make sure his cage meets a few requirements. Here’s what Fuesse had to say about things to look for in a guinea pig cage.

Solid cage floor

The cage floor should be solid and not made of wire. Guinea pigs’ tiny feet can get caught in wire, which can injure them.

Wire bars

The sides of the cage should have wire bars to allow for air circulation.

“Glass tanks do not provide enough ventilation, causing a buildup of ammonia and respiratory problems,” Feusse told The Dodo.

Keep in mind that the bars should be spaced close together so your guinea pig can’t wiggle through. They should be no more than 1 inch apart.

One level or an easily accessible second level

You should focus on creating enough horizontal space rather than vertical space, since guinea pigs have super short legs that don’t allow them to easily jump or climb.

According to Feusse, “Guinea pigs do not do well with heights.” So the cage you pick should be all one level, or the second level should be around 8 inches (or less) above the ground with an easily accessible ramp, Feusse said. The ramp should be at a low incline to let your pigs safely climb it.

Open-top vs. closed-top cages

Open-top guinea pig cages don’t have a roof. Cages with open tops are great for interacting with your guinea pig, and they’re safe because guinea pigs can’t jump or climb high enough to get out.

For households with small children or other pets, closed-top cages are best because they’ll keep your pig away from kids and other animals.

How big should a guinea pig cage be?

Even though guinea pigs are small, they need a lot of room to roam around.

For one guinea pig, the cage should be a minimum of 6 square feet. “For each additional guinea pig you add to the cage, you should increase the size by a minimum of 2 square feet,” Feusse said.

What to put in your guinea pig’s cage

Furnishing your pig’s cage is also important to make sure he’s comfy.

For one, you’ll want to make sure your guinea pig has access to all the food and water he needs.

“Water bottles are the best source for water because they prevent contamination,” Feusse said. “And food dishes should be heavy so they are not easily tipped and [have] a top opening that is [equal to] or smaller than the base of the bowl to prevent them from soiling in their food.”

Try this guinea pig water bottle from Amazon

Try this guinea pig food bowl from Chewy

The cage should be lined with bedding that’s made of paper pellets or paper fiber.

According to Feusse, paper fiber absorbs urine and controls odor and is good for burrowing.

“Paper pellets (changed weekly), topped with fresh timothy hay (changed daily), can be a good option,” Feusse said. “The pellets are very good for absorption, but they can be uncomfortable for little guinea pig feet, so the fresh timothy hay provides some comfort and allows them to burrow.”

You should also provide places for your guinea pig to hide and rest, like this igloo.

Add some toys to the cage to give your pig mental stimulation and something to chew on to keep his teeth healthy.

Try this toy from Chewy

Where to put your guinea pig’s cage

When setting up your pig’s cage, be sure to pay attention to the temperature of the cage location so he doesn’t get too hot or cold.

“Guinea pigs are much more comfortable in cooler temperatures, [around] mid-upper 60 [degrees Fahrenheit], but do not tolerate drafts and are very susceptible to heat stroke,” Feusse said. “The cage should not be located near heat vents or in direct sunlight.”

Best guinea pig cages

These cages are recommended by Feusse and popular with pig parents.

Best overall guinea pig cage: Kaytee 48" L X 24" W Open Pet Living Habitat, 19" H

This open-top cage has 8 square feet of space that can house one or two guinea pigs. It has a durable, waterproof lining that’s removable for easy cleaning, and chew-proof latches will keep your guinea pigs safely in their cage. You can attach the cage to other habitats to expand it if you want more space or if you add more guinea pigs to your family.

Best for people with multiple pets or children: MidWest Guinea Habitat Deluxe Guinea Pig Cage

This closed-top cage has a PVC-lined canvas bottom that’s leak-proof and washable so you don’t have to worry about guinea pig messes. It comes with a plastic holder for hay and a divider so you can separate the litter and living areas. It has 8 square feet of space that can fit two guinea pigs.

Best multi-level guinea pig cage: C&C Cage for Guinea Pig 4x2 with Loft & Ramp by KAVEE

This cage provides 8 square feet of space, which is perfect for up to two guinea pigs. You can buy it with or without a lid, and the bottom of the cage is made of a durable plastic (coroplast) that’s easy to wipe clean.

Best cage for multiple guinea pigs: Kaytee 60" L X 30" W Open Pet Living Habitat

This cage has 12.5 square feet of space, making it perfect for around four guinea pigs. It’s a larger version of the open-top cage above, with the same attributes: waterproof, removable lining; chew-proof; and easily expandable.

Best guinea pig hutch: Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch/Guinea Pig Cage

This hutch has 6.8 square feet of space, which is a good size for one pig. It has a waterproof roof, which is perfect if you want to move it outside for your guinea pigs to join you outdoors. Plus, it even has wheels for easy transportation (two of the wheels lock, so no need to worry about your pigs rolling away). The bottom has a removable tray so you can quickly clean up messes.

Best guinea pig cage with a hideaway: Living World Deluxe Habitat

Guinea pigs are prey animals, so they need places to hide to make them feel safe. This cage has a built-in hideaway for your pigs to rest and sleep. It has over 7 square feet of space and comes with a water bottle, food bowl and hay holder, so you get everything in one place.

You definitely want your guinea pig to have the best house possible, and these cages will be perfect for your pig.

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