What You Should Know About Pet Geckos

You'll fall in love with that sweet gecko face 🦎

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If you like reptiles and are looking for an animal companion, a gecko might be the perfect fit.

Geckos can be awesome pets, according to Ashley Callihan, a registered veterinary nurse with DodoVet. (And as an added bonus, they won’t totally tear up your furniture like some pets might!)

But before you take the plunge, there are a few things you should know about adopting a gecko into your family.

Types of pet geckos

Here are three types of geckos that make great pets.

Leopard gecko

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DWI YULIANTO/Shutterstock.com

Leopard geckos can be up to 8 inches long and are typically yellow, white or spotted. And according to Callihan, they’re great for beginners.

“They have a docile nature and are great for the whole family,” Callihan told The Dodo. “They’re receptive to handling and can live to be around 20 years old with proper care!”

Crested gecko

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Crested geckos have little projections above their eyes that look like eyelashes. These spines run from the gecko’s head to his tail, creating a crest along his back (which is where he gets his name).

“They are friendly and typically tolerate being handled in small doses throughout the day,” Callihan said.

African fat-tailed gecko

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Milan Zygmunt/Shutterstock.com

African fat-tailed geckos are usually tan or brown and have dark blotches or bands that stand out against the lighter color of their skin.

According to Callihaan, these geckos “have a docile nature.”

What makes good gecko pet food?

Geckos mainly eat insects and don’t really have a lot of greens in their diet. Most geckos will eat worms or crickets. So if you don’t feel comfortable feeding these insects to your pet, you should consider a different companion animal.

What do pet geckos need?

When you bring home a gecko, it’s important to make sure his space will keep him happy and healthy. Here’s what you’ll need, according to Callihan:

“While these geckos have similar care needs, they do vary slightly,” Callihan said. “If you’re thinking of getting any type of gecko as a pet, be sure to do thorough research on their specific needs before bringing one home!”

Where to adopt your pet gecko

When you’re ready to bring home a new pet gecko, adoption is the best option. Finding adoptable geckos is pretty easy, thanks to sites like Petfinder or small animal rescues.

So now that you know which types of geckos make good pets, what to feed them and where to adopt them, you’re sure to make a great parent to your new gecko pet.

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