The Funniest Gifts To Get For The Cat Lover In Your Life


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Need a gift for a cat lover with a sense of humor?

The best way to any cat lover’s heart is obviously through their cat, so The Dodo rounded up the most hilarious gifts for cats (and cat-themed gifts) that are funny and playful, without being tacky.

Cat pizza bed
This cat bed is so realistic it’ll look like you have a literal pizza sitting in the middle of your living room. And the best part is that it’s super comfy, so your cat will snuggle up with it happily.
Funny cat recovery collar
If there’s a surgery in the future, this funny cat recovery collar definitely beats the plastic cones the vet gives you. Plus it’s a great way to brighten a nervous cat parent’s spirits just a little.
Funny cat candle
This candle lets guests know what they’re in for (if the cat hair everywhere didn’t give it away).
Cat costume
This ’80s-style chain necklace and retro circle sunglasses combo is perfect for cats who are OK with dressing up (and for cat parents who can’t resist a good photo op).
Cat fish toy
This fish toy is actually irresistible to cats thanks to its automated wiggling motion. It also comes with a little pouch to put catnip in to really sweeten the deal.
Catnip joints
Does your cat need to chill a little? Try these catnip joints. They’re super real-looking, and anyone who catches a cat tossing this around will definitely do a double-take.
Funny cat brush
This is a brush you stick in your mouth to pet your cat with. The idea is that it replicates how a mom cat grooms her kittens, so it’s supposed to be a nice cat-owner bonding experience. No judgment.
Funny cat scratcher
After a year of staring at his human working on a laptop, your cat might like having one of his own. You know, to handle all of his important cat business.
Funny cat bed
This banana cat bed is actually really spacious and perfect for cats who really like to sprawl out when they sleep. And its high banana peel walls give cats a nice, cozy, safe feeling, so you can expect this banana bed to be a new favorite. You might even want one yourself.
Funny cat scratcher
This playful cat scratcher will basically turn your cat into Tony Hawk.
Funny cat scratcher
If you know someone who has big dreams for their cat, this is the way to go. The little podium provides several nice scratchy surfaces for your cat, including a ball brush shaped like a microphone — while also making it look like he’s announcing an Executive Order. What parent doesn’t dream of their kid being president (even if that kid’s a cat)?
Cat hammock
Give your cat some serious rest and relaxation with this miniature hammock for cats, which is made with a cozy plush material for optimal comfort.
Cat paw cushion
This ultra-plush cushion will upgrade any chair in your home — and lets you surround yourself with super soft cat toe beans. And it’ll be enjoyed by both pets and pet parents. So cute!
Cat coin bank
This coin bank is so adorable and perfect as a kid’s piggy bank or to hold your laundry money.
Cat mood cards
Know a cat lover who’s heading back to the office? They might like these mood cards that warn the whole office how they’re feeling — with cat memes. It’s a great convo starter, which might come in handy after a year of WFH.
Cat cup warmers
These drink warmers are nice to keep in the car for keeping to-go drinks warm or cold for longer. And the woven cat face with the huge bug eyes adds a bit of silliness that a cat lover would appreciate.
Cat bookmark
Show your support for your friend’s reading hobby with this ridiculous bookmark.
Funny cat shirt
Toe beans are life.
Cat magnets
You can never have too many fridge magnets. Any cat lover with a decent sense of humor will love these cat butt magnets.
Cat socks
Transform cold feet into a set of cat paws with these realistic crew socks.
Funny cat toy
This remote-controlled toy will be addicting — for both you and your cat. Be prepared to spend a couple hours driving around this little mouse truck and teasing your cat with the feather toy attached to the back.
Cat socks
These socks are as cool as your cat is. Well, almost.
Cat lawn ornament
If you know someone who’s into lawn ornaments, this one’s pretty funny.
Funny cat calendar
This calendar imagines what it’d be like if your cat could text you.
Cat poems
This book is filled with super funny cat poems that, according to reviewers, will have a cat lover laugh-crying.