Vet-Approved Flea And Tick Products To Keep Your Pup Bug-Free

Flea and tick prevention can be overwhelming — so here's advice from the pros.

8 best tick prevention products

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With the fun of summer comes one big downside — the dreaded flea and tick season. If you’re getting ready for summer and looking for the best flea and tick products, for prevention or treatment, we’ve got you covered.

Since there seem to be a million products out there, it can be hard work to try to find the right ones — so The Dodo spoke with Dr. John Sangiorgio, a veterinarian at CompleteCare Veterinary Center in New York City, to help you out.

“The products for flea and tick prevention or control come in two types — systemic and topical,” Dr. Sangiorgio said.

Systemic products are oral doses that — depending on the product — can last from one to three months. These are mainly used for dogs.

“I recommend systemic products for clients with young children,” Dr. Sangiorgio said. This so that any kids who might crawl around or touch your dog don't come in contact with medication on the dog’s fur or skin.

Topical products are applied to the skin. These include preventatives — medications applied directly to the skin — and treatments — products like shampoos or dips (which you apply after shampoo).

Note: While some people wonder about flea collars, Dr. Sangiorgio says they’re old-school and simply don’t work as well as newer products. “This is because fleas like the rump area best and a collar around the neck is too far to work well,” Dr. Sangiorgio said. “Another reason to avoid them is most contain organophosphates, a class of organic compounds that could cause increased nasal discharge, diarrhea and respiratory problems.”

Always remember: The best way to treat ticks or fleas is to prevent them. Keep your pet on schedule with a preventative medication and you’ll never have to worry about dealing with infestations!