These Are The Most Ridiculously Extra Dog Houses

There's even an ACTUAL fairy-tale cottage 🧚‍♀️✨

craziest dog houses

Your dog isn't just any dog.

Your dog has outfits — and themed toys — for every occasion, and you only buy handmade treats that were sourced from organic local ingredients.

Your dog deserves the absolute best the world has to offer — and that’s why getting your pup a dog house that speaks to her soul (or unique personality) is everything to you right now. 

Whether she needs a hideout in the living room where she can escape from your TV binges, or somewhere shady to chill in the yard while you're soaking up the sun, these houses are made for comfort and style.

Luckily, there are some ridiculously adorable dog houses out there — but it can take some digging to find the real gems.

That’s why this roundup was created — to help you find a dog house all your dog's own: whether you’re looking for a camper, a teepee or even a wine barrel she can relax in.

A cozy cabin with a front porch

Price: $746.29

dog house cabin etsy

Your dog can have her very own cabin — with plenty of front porch space to lounge in the sun while you’re doing yard work. 

A camper that will will make you want to move to the country ASAP

Price: $485

etsy dog house camper

Built for pups up to 15 pounds, this freakin’ adorable camper comes with a CUSTOM LICENSE PLATE. Not only that, but the banner says “Happy Camper” and there are custom curtains in the window 😭

A cartoon dog house that’s made from sustainable materials

Price: $375

etsy cartoon dog house

If your dog loves to snuggle up with you to some Tim Burton films, this cartoon-style dog house made from recycled metal and wood is for you — we mean, your dog.

An actual dog apartment (with PLANTERS)

Price: $4,500

dog house apartment

Sure, it may seem like a splurge — but is it really when you’re shopping for Eichler-inspired dog houses? It’s basically a mini apartment — like, it even comes with a deck and a custom planter box. Everyone knows planters mean business.

A storybook-style dog house that looks like it was carved from your dreams

Price: $999

etsy storybook dog house

If getting lost amongst the pages of storybooks is your thing, this whimsical dog house will transport your backyard right into a tale of your own.

A wine barrel without the wine

Price: $450

etsy wine barrel dog house

It’s not just wine that lives in these barrels — now your dog can cozy up in a barrel all his own. Custom-made holes will help even a dog who’s had a few extra treats fit inside.

A teepee that looks like it envelops you in clouds

Price: $165

etsy teepee dog house

These uniquely designed teepees will set your dog house game apart from the competition. Sure, it’s interior-only so you can’t really roast marshmallows under the stars around it, but your fireplace works.

A dog house with a deck (and room for wine on top)

Price: $2,000

etsy dog house with deck

What’s better than a dog house that looks cool? A dog house that you can put your wine on top of. This side table/dog house duo does it all.

The most Instagrammable dog house on the market

Price: $205

instagram dog house etsy

Get your pup ready to be the next big Instagram star with this plush dog house. Your likes will be skyrocketing in no time. #nofilter

A southwest style home that’ll make your guests jealous

Price: $1,925

etsy southwest style dog house

This handcrafted home looks crazy cool — and it’s perfect for those who either live in the southwest or really have a love for this pueblo architectural style. Some people who don’t even have a pet buy it for yard storage because of how cool it looks — and nobody can blame them.

With all of these wildly unique dog houses to choose from, your pup will finally get the home of her dreams — besides the warm and loving one inside your house, of course.

Note: Dog houses are for fun! Don’t leave your pup outside unattended.