Fun Ideas For Family Christmas Photos With Your Dog

Tips for taking the best photos 📸🐶👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

family christmas photo with dog

Your dog is part of your family, so you’ll definitely want to include him in your family Christmas pictures.

To help you have the best holiday card possible, we brainstormed some ideas for taking the best Christmas photos with dogs.

6 ideas for taking Christmas photos with dogs

Wear matching outfits

Having your whole family, including your dog, wear matching Christmas outfits will be a huge hit for your holiday photos.

You can go all out and wear matching pj’s, like these Snoopy and Woodstock ones from Amazon for $30+, or you can go with festive sweaters — like this dog sweater from Amazon for $24+ and a matching sweater for you from Amazon for $33.

Or if you celebrate Hanukkah, get these Tipsy Elves sweaters from Petsmart for $15+ that say “I love my human/doggy a latke.”

Wear Santa hats

What’s more Christmas-y than Santa? Everyone in your family, plus your pup, can wear Santa hats for your Christmas card photo.

You can get this one for your dog from Amazon for $10 and Santa hats for the rest of your family from Amazon for $11.

Get stockings with your family’s names on them

Take your Christmas photo in front of your family’s custom stockings for a touch of personalization (and so the distant family members you only see once a year will remember your names).

You can get this cute quilted puppy stocking from Etsy for $30+. And these stockings will look so pretty hanging on your fireplace. They’re white with gold or silver snowflakes (and you can get them from Amazon for $37+).

Take a picture with Santa

If there’s a mall Santa nearby (and your dog’s OK with kids and Santa imposters), take your Christmas card photo with Santa!

It could be cute to have your dog wear antlers so it looks like he’s one of Santa’s reindeer. You can get these Frisco antlers and bell collar from Chewy for $11. Or your pup can even look like Saint Nick himself with this Frisco Santa costume from Chewy for $9+.

Go outside

Take advantage of the fall foliage and stage your photos outside.

If you want your Christmas pictures to be more fall-themed to go with the leaves, make sure everyone has fitting attire, including your pup. Try this Frisco orange and green flannel shirt from Chewy for $11+ or this pumpkin spice flannel bandana from The Foggy Dog for $26.

Use your Christmas tree as a backdrop

Your tree will look so pretty once it’s decorated with ornaments, so you should definitely include it in your photo. And your dog can even dress up as the tree himself with this adorable dog Christmas coat from Amazon for $15+.

More tips for taking pictures with your dog

If you have a hard time getting a good pic of your dog, here are some tips to help you get a good picture:

  • Get on your dog’s level when taking the picture.
  • Use a toy or treats to get your dog’s attention.
  • Avoid using flash so your dog won’t get red-eye.
  • Choose a time when your dog is comfortable (like after he’s been fed and walked).

You’ll have the best family Christmas photo ever with these ideas, and with your pup already included, you won’t have to worry about your dog photobombing — like this pup.

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