The Absolute Coziest Dog Sweaters For Fall

Nothing's better than a cute pup in a cute sweater 😍

cute dog sweaters

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Whether it's feeling that first crisp autumn breeze, or seeing that first leaf fall from a tree, your pup knows what time it is.

It's sweater weather — aka your pup's time to shine, because nothing in this world is better than a cute dog in a cute sweater.

So here's a list of the most ridiculously cozy, colorful, unique dog sweaters you can buy this season — all guaranteed to earn your pup lots of awws and heart-eyes on your daily walks.

Chilly Dog Spencer Dog & Cat Sweater

preppy dog sweater

This sweater is hand-knit for an extra snuggly fit — so it’ll keep your pup extra warm on a breezy fall day.

Always Scheming Dog Sweater

Always Scheming Dog Sweater

This sweater is perfect for the pup who loves guilting you to go on more and more walks — and what pup isn’t always scheming, after all.

Cable Knit Sweater

Red cable knit dog sweater

It’s a classic sweater for a classic dog. Not only will your pup be warm on those brisk walks, but you can recreate this photo shoot for the ’gram — because it’s everything.

Blake Knit Dog Sweater

Blake Knit Dog Sweater
Saks Fifth Avenue

Here’s a fall sweater that’s as luxurious as it is freaking adorable. Don’t be surprised if your pup begs to go on even more walks than usual — who wouldn’t want to be seen in it?

Après Ski Knit Jumper

Après Ski Knit Dog sweater

For the sophisticated autumn pup, this knit sweater will keep her warm and fashionable all fall — and winter — long.

Irish Knit Dog Sweater

White Knit Dog Sweater

If your pup is drawn to the timelessness of this Irish-inspired sweater, not only will she look cute AF, but she’ll be all warm and snuggly all season long. And it can double as her *look* for St. Patrick's Day.

Cabin Cozy Sweater

cozy cabin dog sweater

This cabin-inspired sweater just exudes all the warmth and coziness you strive for in chilly weather. Whether you’re going on a brisk stroll or cuddling up next to a fire, this sweater will fit the part.

Rainbow Sweater

Rainbow dog sweater

A fall sweater for a colorful personality — this adorable wool sweater will add some much-needed pop to your daily strolls.

Peach Fair Isle Sweater

Peach Fair Isle Dog Sweater

Here’s a peach-colored sweater that will keep your pup warm and stylish this fall.

Luxury Bee Sweater

Luxury Bee Dog Sweater

A sweater that’ll have your dog buzzing with excitement every time you pull it over her head. It’s also inspired by Gucci — so you know it’s *fashion*.