11 Dog DNA Test Results That Were Totally Shocking

They’re all 100 percent good boys and girls 🐶

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Have you ever wondered what mix of breeds make up your dog?

These pet parents got their DNA test results and were all pretty shocked at their dogs’ breed results.

But while their breed mixes were a surprise, one thing’s for certain: These pups are 100 percent good boys and girls.

11 Embark dog DNA test results that shocked pet parents

1. Jack Russell? Think again ... 

This cutie’s pet parent was positive that her pup had some Jack Russell terrier in him (which makes sense looking at him), but was super surprised to find that, nope, he’s a mixture of several breeds, none of which are Jack Russell! In fact, he’s more of an Australian cattle dog than anything else.

2. Anything "mini" was a total surprise here

While his parents proclaim this guy as “100 percent adventure pup,” they were also surprised to discover that mini Aussie is his dominant breed, along with Australian shepherd, cattle dog, Labrador retriever, American pit bull terrier, German shepherd, and some border collie and Great Dane.

3. This guy is 100 percent adorable

Turns out this little guy is a purebred, which was a complete surprise to his parents. “Yes I cannot believe it … Dougie is actually 100 percent Pekingese,” his mom said on her Instagram page. “I had trouble believing this because he appeared larger than most Pekes I’ve seen. It was fun to guess many of the possibilities to then find out it was just one breed after all.”

4. The best combo ever

First of all, we love that this little guy’s name is Falkor (after the famous “The Neverending Story” character). Secondly, his mama was very surprised to find out that this Albino senior dog is mostly Chihuahua, with a little poodle and Pekingese thrown in for good measure (she was convinced that Falkor was at least half Yorkie).

5. A sweetheart with a mixture of breeds

Aston is both deaf and blind — and 100 percent adorable. And when his mom sent out for his breed results, she was very surprised to find he isn’t an Aussie mix (in fact, no Aussie at all!), and is a mix of many different breeds, from beagle to Siberian husky!

6. A 50/50 surprise

These dog parents were shocked to find out that their pup, Beaux, is an exact 50/50 mix of boxer and Treeing Walker coonhound. They knew that she’s 50 percent coonhound, but their other guesses (pittie, Lab, golden retriever, German shepherd, Rhodesian ridgeback) were way off, which made discovering this surprise even more exciting.

7. Fluffy forever

Convinced that her pup, Gaia, was a mix between a Maltese and Shih Tzu, this dog mama was very surprised her little fluff is actually a combination of small- to medium-sized dog breeds, from Shih Tzu to American Eskimo dog!

8. Just the right amount of everything

This dog mama was right about her pup having some boxer in him, but as it turns out, it’s not nearly as much as she thought! Luella is over 50 percent American pit bull terrier, followed by boxer, Saint Bernard and supermutt.

9. Plenty of fur to go around in this breed mix

Kahlua’s parents were shocked to find out that she has almost 23 percent Chow Chow in her, despite looking more like a German shepherd and Australian cattle dog (her top three breeds, as it turns out).

10. Their excitement can't be beat

These pet parents had the best reaction ever: “OUR MINDS ARE BLOWN!” the couple wrote on Instagram. Although they were convinced that their dog, Oliver Twist EisenNevilleLock (another awesome name), was a Jack Russell and beagle mix, they were shocked to find out he’s neither breed. Chihuahua topped the list, followed by Pomeranian, Lhasa Apso, Pekingese, poodle and supermutt.

11. This reveal definitely explains her height

Chili’s parents always wondered about her breed because she’s so tall, so they got a DNA test to find out the results. They weren’t expecting her to be half Great Dane based on all her fluffy hair, but it does explain how big she is! And while they suspected some Siberian husky, they certainly didn’t think it would be such a small percentage (just over 11 percent).

Convinced you know your dog’s breed? You could be in for a shock (in this case, the best kind ever) with one of Embark’s DNA dog breed test kits. At the end of the day, though, every dog is perfect no matter what breed (or breeds!) they are.

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