This Fancy New Restaurant Is Only For Dogs

Because every pup deserves a $75 tasting menu 💅✨

A new San Francisco restaurant is giving dogs exactly what they’ve always deserved: their very own fine-dining experience.

Dogue was created by Rahmi Massarweh, a chef and dog parent who believes serving his pets a fresh and raw food diet has tons of health benefits, and that it’s the least we can do for our BFFs.

“There’s almost nothing they wouldn’t do for us,” Massarweh told The Dodo. “They are our emotional support, our cheerleaders, and for many people, their kids and family.”

That’s why what we feed them is so important, he added.

And in a city where dogs reportedly outnumber children, a restaurant for dogs isn’t actually that wild of a concept.

So here’s how it works: During the week, Dogue offers bespoke meal plans for dogs (a consultant will create an individual meal plan for your dog based on his health needs) and a “pawtisserie” that includes a selection of fresh pastries with recipes designed just for canines (don’t forget to order a “dogguccino”!). Then on Sundays, Dogue turns into Bone Appetit Cafe, which showcases a seasonal and locally sourced chef’s tasting menu ($75) just for dogs.

On a recent Sunday, Massarweh offered chicken broth (simmered for eight hours) served with braised chicken breast slices infused with chaga mushrooms, and a chicken-skin waffle with a coconut charcoal custard.

But what’s a pet parent to do while their dog is chowing down?

“All our food is 100 percent human grade, but despite that, we don’t actually sell any for humans,” Massarweh said. “However, we do offer an amuse bouche alongside our tasting menu. This past Sunday, we offered a petit mimosa made with prosecco and organic fresh squeezed orange juice and a modernist take on a caprese salad.”

While Massarweh knows that a restaurant serving high-end food only for dogs might feel a little extravagant to some, it’s all about a love for pets at the end of the day.

“It’s simply because they matter to us that we do what we do,” Massarweh said. “What our pets bring to the table and the way they love us unconditionally is the reason why.”