Dogs Respond Faster When It’s Time For Treats Than When You Call Their Names

Can you blame them? 🤷

Ever notice how fast your dog’s ears perk up when it’s time for a treat?

You’re definitely not alone. In a recent survey, it was found that dogs respond faster to the sound of treats than the sound of their own names.

In the poll of 2,000 pet parents, 47 percent said their dogs react instinctively to the noise made when a treat container is opened. And an even larger number (52 percent), said their dogs are likely to run over when they hear the words “treat” or “cookie.”

And, as it turns out, hearing their names isn’t as exciting to pups. Only 37 percent of dogs responded to their names consistently, which seems to confirm what many pet parents have always known — that dogs love food.

Sponsored by CLIF PET, the survey also looked into why pet parents give their pups treats. Less than half of pet parents surveyed gave their dogs a special treat as a reward — while a smaller number gave treats as a way of cheering their dogs up (and even themselves sometimes!).

Treats are definitely useful for training pups, but experts recommend they shouldn’t make up more than 10 percent of your dog’s diet when it comes to calories.

“It’s easy to get carried away when treating your dog, but it’s important to remember to treat in moderation,” Greg Lok, head of incubator at Clif Bar & Company, told New York Post. “One way to do this is to look for treats made with wholesome ingredients so you can ensure your pup is getting a quality treat, and to opt for easy-to-tear treat options that help you treat more responsibly.”

Being a responsible treat giver is super important for the overall health of your dog. Our pets mean so much to us, and bonding with them has been proven to have a positive effect on our mental health. Your time together should be about playing and snuggling — and yes, a few treats, too (especially when he responds to his name).