17 Fun Tattoo Designs For Dog Lovers

Dog parents will love these ideas.

As a dog parent, you obviously want to spend as much time as possible with your pup. And there’s a fun way to have her with you wherever you go — a dog tattoo!

If you’re into tattoos (and dogs!), you’ll love these designs. Whether you’re looking for a paw print, a colorful design or a dog memorial tattoo, we’ve found some of the coolest tattoo ideas to give you some inspiration.

17 dog tattoo ideas

Classic paw prints

A special memorial

Can’t go wrong with a portrait

An artful design with a heart

Give your tattoo a splash of color

Sophisticated silhouette tattoo

A minimalistic outline

Keep it simple

Add their name

Paw prints but with a heart


A tattoo of your actual dog’s paw

A special quote

Another minimalist dog tattoo

A high five tattoo

The Creation of Dog

A colorful paw print tattoo

How to make sure your dog tattoo looks perfect

  • If you’re getting your pup’s face tattooed, be sure to bring pictures with you so your tattoo artist knows exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Bring examples of the tattoo design you want so your artist knows which look you’re going for.
  • Find an experienced tattoo artist. A good rule of thumb is to not only pick an artist who has plenty of experience tattooing, but also find one who has done tattoos of dogs before.
  • Make sure you like the style of the tattoo artist you choose. Check out their portfolio (many artists post pictures online of past tattoos they’ve done), since different artists will have varying styles of tattoos that they typically do.
  • Don’t get a cheap tattoo. For best results, you may need to splurge, but it’ll be worth it because your tattoo will likely look better and last longer.

Whichever one of these dog tattoo designs you choose, you’ll get tons of compliments on it, and best of all, you’ll have a little reminder of your pup all the time.

(And if you want something less permanent to keep your pup with you, you can always get a purse, shirt or even socks with his face on them!)