6 Dog Sun Shirts To Protect Your Pup This Summer

So he can safely hang outside ☀️

Summer comes with all kinds of outdoor activities for dogs — and lots of them include being out in the sun.

To keep your dog safe and protected while out at the beach, hanging by the pool or just chilling in the backyard, you may want to consider a dog sun shirt. Believe it or not, dogs can get sunburned, and just like in humans, an overexposure of UV rays can lead to health issues like skin cancer, sun allergy (solar dermatitis) and sun damage.

While adding another layer might seem counterintuitive in terms of keeping your pup cool, the best dog sun shirt will provide protection from the sun, help regulate his body temperature and feature breathable fabric and quick-drying technology that absorbs moisture.

When shopping for a dog sun shirt, look out for their ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) protection — ideally 25–50+ to be effective — the flexibility of the material and any extra features it may provide (the adorable part is a given).

Check out our roundup of the best-reviewed shirts for your pup!

6 dog sun shirt options

Best overall: Sun Blocker Dog Cooling Shirt

With UPF 30–50+ protection (depending on which fabric you choose), your dog will get the maximum protection from the sun so he can play alllll the water sports. It comes in a wide variety of sizes; is made with breathable, stretchy polyester fabric; and has received countless 5-star reviews on Etsy. Iveta, the shop owner, can even custom create to your dog’s exact specifications, including adding a second color to the design.

Best runner up: Top Paw® Watermelon Sun Protection Dog Shirt

Top Paw wins points for their lightweight material (polyester and spandex) and UPF 40 protection. And the cute pattern doesn’t hurt, either! The style comes in a variety of sizes and colors for just the right fit.

Best matching possibilities: Plangea Dog Sun Shirt

This UPF 50+ rash guard is made with a stretch fabric, making it super easy to take on and off. Free of sunscreen chemicals, the material is lightweight and quick-drying. Oh, and there are 90+ color options, so you can custom choose the colors for your dog’s sun shirt to match your swimsuit (just an idea!).

Best for walking the dog: Canine Friendly Dog Shirt

This protective shirt comes with UPF 40+ fabric and two bright colors. Like all good sun shirts, it’s quick-drying, but its stretchy fabric allows your pup to move freely, making the material great for active walks, in addition to its convenient leash port.

Best brand collaboration: Backcountry x Petco The Sun Shield Dog T-Shirt

Backcountry and Petco have collaborated on a sun shield T-shirt for dogs that is perfect for all the exploring your pup likes to do! With UPF 25+ protection, the key feature is its D-ring portal, which makes attaching your dog’s leash super easy. 

Best design: Pineapple Sun Protection Dog Shirt

First of all, we love the pineapple pattern and silky material of this design. And with UPF 50+ protection, a cinched underbelly, mid-sleeves and a mid-turtleneck, this shirt offers tons of protection from the sun’s rays. 

Here’s to keeping your dog cool and protected during those hazy and hot summer months. We think this dog-friendly ice cream might be a nice treat when you get home!

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