5 Best Dog Sleeping Bags For Camping, Hiking Or Snuggling At Home

Dog sleeping bags aren't just for camping 💕

dog sleeping bags

Dog sleeping bags are actually a thing, and they’re pretty useful.

Whether your pup loves going on camping trips or just needs a little more warmth when the temperature drops, getting him his own sleeping bag can be a huge help.

The Dodo spoke with Dr. Linda Simon, a veterinary surgeon and consultant for Five Barks, to help you find the best dog sleeping bag.

Should I get my dog a sleeping bag?

If you and your dog go camping together, a dog sleeping bag is definitely a must to keep him warm in the elements.

But a dog sleeping bag isn’t just for camping.

“They can also be beneficial for dogs who feel the cold, such as those with hypothyroidism or who have had to have all of their fur clipped off for medical reasons,” Dr. Simon told The Dodo.

Sleeping bags can also help anxious pups.

“Sleeping bags are recently proving useful for those who suffer with certain behavioral disorders as they can provide a source of security and comfort,” Dr. Simon said. “Dogs feel protected and often choose to go inside the sleeping bag when anxious. They are especially useful during a thunderstorm or fireworks event for those dogs who have noise phobias.”

How to find the best dog sleeping bag

There are a few things you need to look for when you’re shopping for the best dog sleeping bag.


Insulation is what will keep your dog warm inside his sleeping bag, so this is a pretty important thing to look for.

“It should be well insulated but not too heavy, providing some heat yet being easy to cart about,” Dr. Simon said. “This is especially important if you’ll be hiking while transporting the sleeping bag.”

Machine washable

This isn’t an absolute necessity, but having a dog sleeping bag that’s machine washable will make your life so much easier — especially if you’re using it outside on the ground while you’re camping.

How to get your dog used to a sleeping bag

Getting your dog used to a sleeping bag should happen at home, way before you need to actually use it.

Positive reinforcement is the best way to make your dog feel comfortable with his sleeping bag, which means giving him lots of treats and praise whenever he goes near it. Keep in mind that you should never force your pup to do anything he doesn’t want to do, including using a sleeping bag.

“Initially, show them the bag and reward them with treats and praise when they remain calm and/or choose to investigate it,” Dr. Simon said. “Most dogs will lie on top of the bag and, again, we should reward this.”

You can continue to build positive associations by:

  • Opening the bag up and encouraging him to walk through it
  • Zipping and unzipping the bag when he’s lying on top of it

Best dog sleeping bags

Best for camping: Ruffwear Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is water resistant, and the insulation is lightweight, so it shouldn’t weigh you down too much. It also comes with a compression pack that makes it easy to carry around.

Easiest to clean: Kudes Dog Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag has a waterproof exterior and a warm fleece interior, but the best part is you can pop it in the washing machine to clean it.

Best for anxiety: Furhaven Cozy Pet Bed

This is an indoor bed with a cove shape for a sleeping-bag feel. Between the foam base and the velvety feel, your pup will be super safe and comfy curled up in this bed.

Best for small dogs: Outrav Dog Sleeping Bag

This bag is only 36 inches long and 26 inches wide, so your smaller pup won’t be swimming in it. Just remember to measure your pup first to make sure he’ll fit.

Best for large dogs: Alpha Pet Zone Dog Sleeping Bag

Your pup should have plenty of space in this one-size sleeping bag. (To be safe, though, you should still measure your dog to make sure these dimensions are a good fit.)

Now that you know how to find the best sleeping bag for your dog, he’ll always have somewhere cozy to sleep, whether he’s camping out under the stars or curled up at home.

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