The Best Dog Shoes For Every Season And Activity

For heat, cold, rain or snow!

Though they may take some getting used to, dog shoes can make your dog’s feet feel so much better on a walk, hike or jaunt in the park. That’s because they protect your dog’s paw pads from extreme heat and cold, as well as from any sharp rocks, bits of gravel or even pollen, which can cause seasonal skin allergies.

If you’re on the lookout for the best-of-the-best dog shoes to make your pup’s daily activities more enjoyable, we have a few suggestions that you should definitely check out.

The best dog shoes are ones that feature adjustable straps that help the shoes fit snugly around your dog’s paws and stay in place, and they should also feature non-slip soles so that your pup can maintain the traction his paw pads give him.

Shopping considerations:

There are a handful of different considerations to keep in mind while on the hunt for the perfect dog shoes for your pup.


Not all dog shoes are created equal, so knowing what kind of climate your dog is going to be wearing his new shoes in the most is super important. Dog shoes meant for warm weather will be made of breathable, mesh or neoprene material to help keep your dog’s feet cool and separated from the hot pavement. But dog shoes made for colder climates are insulated and made from water-resistant polyester to keep wetness out and warmth in.

What activities are these shoes being used for?

Next, you have to think about what kinds of activities your dog’s going to get up to while wearing these shoes.

For example, if you and your pup love to hike, you’ll want to find shoes with great traction at the soles and a breathable top layer to keep your dog’s feet cool. And for winter walks or playing in the snow, shoes that come up high on the leg and are insulated will keep both snow and cold out.

And summertime shoes should be lightweight, breathable and offer a rubber sole of protection between your dog’s paw and hot pavement or grass, which may trigger seasonal allergies.


Along with adjustable straps, dog shoes should be offered in multiple sizes so you can make sure you get the best-fitting shoe for your dog.

To find your dog’s shoe size, grab a piece of paper and place your dog’s paw on top. Press down a bit to spread out his toes to mimic his foot while he’s walking and putting pressure on it. Mark lines on either side of the widest part of your dog’s paw and then measure the width of these two lines. That width should correspond to a size included in the shoe listing.

The best dog shoes for every kind of climate, activity and need

Here are the best dog shoes and boots we could find.

Best overall dog shoes: CovertSafe Non-Slip Waterproof Dog Boots

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing dog shoe that’ll provide comfort both in summer and mild winters, the CovertSafe non-slip booties are the perfect set. They come in eight different sizes, feature adjustable Velcro straps so they provide a perfect fit, and are made with a breathable, water-resistant top layer and thicker non-slip rubber soles that are ideal for walks, runs and just hanging out. Plus, these shoes have over 2,100 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Best dog shoes for summer: QUMY Waterproof Dog Shoes

Ideal for keeping tender paws away from the hot pavement during the summer, the QUMY dog shoes on Amazon feature a non-slip sole and breathable waterproof outer material. They secure tightly around your pup’s paws thanks to the Velcro ankle straps, and the lighter color will keep your dog’s feet cool and won’t absorb the sunlight.

Best dog shoes for winter: Canada Pooch Soft Shield Boots

These boots from Canada Pooch come in six different sizes and feature a water-resistant polyester-spandex shell and a warm and cozy polyester insulation lining. They secure around your dog’s paw and leg with two adjustable straps (one Velcro, one toggle) and come up high on your dog’s leg so that snow, rain and icy mud can’t seep in.

Best dog shoes for hiking: Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots

These dog shoes are our favorite for hiking because they feature super grippy soles that help your dog master any terrain and are made with breathable mesh that keep paws as cool as possible during the climb. These shoes are also machine washable and come in seven sizes.

Best fully rubber dog shoes: WagWellies Mojave

Great for daily wear in warmer weather, the WagWellies Mojave shoes are perfect for protecting your dog’s feet from chewing due to allergies. And because they’re made entirely from rubber, they can help dogs who may have trouble gaining traction on tile or hardwood floors. Mojave boots come in sizes ranging from 2XS to 2XL, and they’re easy to keep clean with a damp cloth.

With the right pair of dog shoes, your pup’s outdoor fun just got a lot more enjoyable!

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