50+ Dog Puns Your Kids Will Love

They're almost *too* silly.

If your kid is the type who loves hearing funny new puns and jokes, we found some epic dog puns that will keep them and their friends very entertained.

The below jokes are pretty funny when worked into any dog-related conversation, so if your kid is quick and witty, they’ll have no problem keeping their audience amused. Just remind your kids that the trick to a good pun is saying it when it's least expected. If their friends are caught off guard, they'll have no choice but to smile.

Here are some of the best dog puns you can teach your kids to help them make any conversation sillier.

Dog puns we actually use every day

Let’s start out with some punny idioms that might sound familiar — you probably already use these phrases in daily conversation!

  1. I’m having a ball!
  2. I feel like one sick puppy.
  3. You’re barking up the wrong tree.
  4. Stop hounding me!
  5. Doggone it!
  6. He’s got you on a short leash.
  7. You look quite fetching today!
  8. Hold on, let me dog-ear my page.

Paw and fur puns

These goofy puns will make your eyes roll (in a good way!).

  1. That’s paws-itively outrageous.
  2. This place seems very fur-miliar.
  3. Where’s the paw-ty at?
  4. I’m fur-real.
  5. You’re paw-some.
  6. Let’s be friends fur-ever!
  7. Anything is paws-ible.
  8. Please fur-give me.
  9. I’m paw-ssionate about dogs.
  10. And I feel so fur-tunate to have dogs in my life.
  11. When the show ended, the crowd broke into a-paws.
  12. Paw-don me.
  13. The dog got promoted and now works in the corner paw-fice.

Silly dog puns

There’s nothing quite sillier than these puns.

  1. My dog isn’t fat. He’s just a little husky!
  2. Don’t forget to put the car in bark.
  3. Today’s been ruff.
  4. Let’s raise the woof!
  5. I’ll collie you later.
  6. If your pup is cold, he’s a chili dog.
  7. Don’t terrier yourself up about it.
  8. We’ll need to grab some pup-corn before the movie starts.
  9. Wear your boots in case you step in a poodle!
  10. Don’t stop retrievin’!
  11. I’m always the mutt of the joke!
  12. I think I need to see the dentist about my loose canine.
  13. We can’t drive anywhere until I find my corgis!
  14. My dog’s favorite pizza topping is pup-eroni.
  15. And his favorite game to play is Ulti-mutt Frisbie.
  16. The dog loves science class mainly because he loves doing Lab reports.
  17. What do you think we should serve at this weekend’s Bark-B-Q?
  18. Definitely hot dogs and pup-tato salad.
  19. And when you serve the meal, tell the guests bone appetit!

Dog-themed name puns

These famous people, movies, magazines and more have been dog-ified!

  1. Who is the dog’s favorite artist? Andy Warhowl.
  2. What do dogs drink in the morning? Earl Greyhound tea.
  3. Who is the greatest dog detective that ever lived? Sherlock Bones.
  4. What’s the dog’s favorite band? The Beagles.
  5. But who is the dog’s favorite singer? Bjärk.
  6. Who is the dog’s favorite poet? William Shakes-paw.
  7. What is the dog’s favorite movie? Jurassic Bark.
  8. What was the name of the new dog Avenger? Labra-Thor.
  9. What’s a dog’s favorite story? Noah’s Bark.
  10. Who is the dog’s favorite actress? Sarah Jessica Barker.
  11. What is the dog’s favorite magazine? Vanity Fur.
  12. What kind of car does the dog drive? A Fur-rari.

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