How To Make Picking Up Your Dog’s Poop Less Gross

They’re the 💩

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Picking up your dog’s poop doesn’t always have to feel like a crappy situation.

Luckily, there are things that’ll make it suck just a little bit less.

Between waste bags that’ll make you smile through the stink and scoopers that will keep you from having to feel your pup’s poo practically melt in your hand, picking up after your dog has never been less nasty.

Poop Emoji Dog Waste Bag Dispenser
This gets pretty meta. 🤯
BARK "Pug Life" Dog Waste Poop Bags
For when you need a good laugh while picking up a nasty turd.
DogBuddy Portable Pooper Scooper
Here’s a pooper scooper that won’t be super awkward to bring on a walk.
Dispoz-A-Scoop No-Touch Dog Poop Bags
If you hate the feeling of grabbing your dog’s poop through a thin plastic bag, this is for you.
BARK "Poopaganda" Dog Poop Bags
There’s nothing like a punny poop bag to keep things fresh, right?
Nature's Miracle Dog Poop Scooper
This is great for picking up poop from a distance.
Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Pouch with Poop Bag Dispenser
Your walks will be fumble-free with all your stuff in one easy-to-carry place.