Everything Your Dog Needs For A Super Extra Pool Party

Featuring a coconut dog bikini 🐶🌴💦

Dog Pool Party

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There’s nothing like a pool party to bring out the sizzle of the summer — but getting your dog involved in all the fun? Those are moments you’ll cherish forever.

If you really want to take your pool party to the next level, you have to put in the extra effort to find some of the coolest stuff on the market to make your party a pawty.

But with all the planning that goes along with it, it’s obvious you don’t have the time to scour the entire internet for the best stuff out there, so we’ve rounded up some of the most extra things to make your party memorable — from dog-friendly beer to a tropical T-shirt. All you'll need to do is invite your pup and all his friends to jump on in.

Here are some of the most unique and over-the-top items to take your puppy pool party to the level it deserves:

A bikini that’ll show she might not be there for a long time, but she’s there for a good time

Dog in a hula skirt

If you’re going to bring your dog to a pool party, you might as well pull out all the stops — and if a coconut bikini top doesn’t get the party started, you’ve invited the wrong guests.

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An interactive pool toy for epic water play

dog pool party toy basket

While hanging out on the deck might sound fun to some dogs, if yours is the type who’s always ready to jump into the pool after her favorite ball, this toy is for her. This squeaky toy is perfect for wet and wild games of fetch, and it's fast-drying so you can bring it inside to continue the fun!

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His own floating pool lounge, obviously

Pup Pool Mat

If your dog’s going to join your pool party, it’s only fair that he has his own pool throne to lounge on while he judges your sorry attempts at creating new TikTok videos.

Buy it now on Walmart for $48

A pack of dog-friendly beer

Bowser Dog Beer

Listen, if everyone else is allowed to overflow the cooler with their boring non-dog-approved IPAs, your dog should be allowed to have his very own case of the best dog beer this side of the brewery. 

Buy it now on Amazon for $19.99

A BBQ Shirt so that he can show off his suburban dad bod vibe

BBQ dog Shirt

Everybody loves a good dad bod vibe — but take that vibe and mix it with your dog at the pool party? Whew … now you’ve got photo ops for days.

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Sunglasses that’ll let her release her inner flower child

Flower Dog Sunglasses

She can’t go to a pool party without sunnies — and these ones will make sure everybody knows she's not only fashionable but protected from those harsh rays.

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A pineapple dog bed — because, why not?

Pineapple Dog Bed

SpongeBob might live in a pineapple under the sea — but your dog is about to live in a pineapple next to the pool. The perfect retreat for when he gets too tired from all those dog beers.

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A puzzle toy that looks like a cooler

Plush Cooler dog toy

Let your dog blend right in with everyone pulling cans and bottles out of their cooler — she can pull these plush cans and bottles out of her own cooler.

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A doggy splash pad that keeps the fun going

Summer Dog Treats

This sprinkler toy is a great way to cool off in the backyard, and it's non-slip design makes it safe for kids and dogs to play together! 

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A popsicle shirt that doubles as UPF protection

Summer Dog Shirt

She may not be able to slather on the sunscreen, but this swim shirt will protect her all the way up UPF 50+. Just another day of looking bomb and protecting her skin. 💅

Buy it now on Amazon for $35

A variety pack of ice cream to cool off

Dog Ice Cream

When things get too hot, it’s time to get cold. This is an ice cream mix that’ll leave your dog’s tail wagging all the way til next summer. 

Buy it now on Amazon for $19.99

With all of these absolutely perfect items to choose from, you’ll be all set to have the pool party of the year.

(Just make sure your phone has enough storage for all the pics you’re gonna take.)