My Dog's About To Have A Hot Girl Summer On A Pool Float

This is every pup’s dream toy 😎💦

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When I’m getting my float on in the pool and enjoying the warm weather, the one thing I’m always missing (besides another beer) is my dog.

She’s usually next to the pool sunbathing — because my dog thinks she’s a cat and is literally obsessed with being in the sun — but I always daydream about how nice it would be if she could just hang in the pool with me.

So when I saw that Amazon had dog-friendly pool floats, your girl jumped right on it — and I can’t wait for all the pooltime sunbathing I get to do with my best friend all summer long.

Here are the best pool floats for dogs, according to pet parent reviewers. These pool floats are built for dogs of all sizes, and usually have paw- and claw-resistant fabric to hold up to all those doggy paddles.

SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float

This float comes in two different sizes, with the large supporting pups over 65 pounds. It’s also built with spring technology so that it opens up quickly for easy setup.

Milliard Dog Float for Pool, Inflatable Stay Dry Float for Dogs

The XL float is big enough for dogs up to 220 pounds — or a few smaller ones who love sharing!

PoolCandy Inflatable Pet Float

This float holds pups up to 30 pounds. It also has two holes at the bottom so that some water can get on it to keep your pup cool when floating under the sun. 

Expawlorer Inflatable Dog Pool Float

This giant float can be folded up once deflated and easily carried to your next pool party. It’s made with thick, durable fabric so dogs of any size will feel comfortable.