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These Are The 15 Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Dog Moms

She'll love these 😍

Dog mom gifts

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This Mother’s Day, you definitely don’t want to forget a gift for the dog moms in your life.

After all, she probably deserves a little reward for treating her dog kid like royalty.

If you want to get your dog-loving friend (or mom or partner) something she actually likes, check out these 15 perfect dog mom gifts, rounded up by The Dodo.

Dog dishrag
This cute dishrag will remind her of her favorite little stalker.
Dog mug
This mug is for dog moms who want everyone to know who they are.
Dog mom book
Nothing says “dog mom” like a baby book for her pup. Each page has a fun prompt or illustration so she can record all the good times with her BFF.
Dog picture frame
A framed picture of her pup is a super simple gift that will go a long way.
Dog friendship collar
Any dog mom will get nonstop compliments with this matching dog collar and bracelet set.
Dog candle
For those dog moms with gassy pups (if you know, you know), this candle will make a pretty funny gift.
Dog mom mug
Show her you admire her dog parenting skills with this mug that tells it like it is.
Dog hat
This hat is perfect for sunny days at the dog park or for long mid-morning walks with her pup.
Dog mom gifts
This personalized dog blanket will be her new favorite thing to snuggle up in.
Dog mom water bottle
Keep your dog-mom pal hydrated with this cute water bottle that will keep her drink cold for hours.
Dog sweatshirt
Taking care of the cutest dog in the world is a full-time job, but someone’s gotta do it.
Dog walking shoes
These might seem random, but one of our editors is OBSESSED with these cozy slip-ons for all those potty runs and unplanned walks around the block. Level up her dog-walking game by making it ultra comfy.
Dog custom sweatshirt
This super-chic sweatshirt is a splurge, but it features a customized embroidered portrait so she can show off her pup everywhere she goes.
Dog camera
The Furbo dog camera makes a great gift for dog moms going back to work, so she can check in with her pup whenever she misses him (aka every five minutes).
Dog custom purse
If the dog mom in your life is heading back to work, she’ll adore having her best furry friend with her at all times with this gorgeous tote, featuring a custom-painted portrait of her BFF (and it's insulated for packed lunches!). It’s another splurge item — but isn’t she worth it?
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