5 Best Dog Harnesses For Every Type Of Pup

These harnesses are cute, comfy and convenient.

A dog harness is an accessory that all dog parents should invest in.

Not only does it make walking your dog easier (especially if he has some behavioral issues), but it’s also a lot healthier for your dog to wear a harness while walking compared to a standard collar.

But which harness is best for your dog or puppy?

The Dodo rounded up a collection of top-rated dog harnesses that pet parents of all different breeds are raving about because they’ve truly changed their walking routines for the better. From utility harnesses great for big dogs to the featherweight, airy puppy harness, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect dog harness for your pup.

Benefits of a dog harness

Iris Ulbrich, a behavior consultant and trainer with Tully’s Training in Los Angeles, told The Dodo that harnesses are great alternatives to collars for dogs who have a tendency to pull. They’re also beneficial for smaller dogs who may easily slip out of traditional collars.

And generally, harnesses are a lot more comfortable for all dogs to wear while out on walks compared to collars.

“The harness takes a lot of negative attention away from the neck and allows for an even distribution of pressure around the chest,” Ulbrich said.

How to find the best dog harness

Finding the right harness for your dog depends on a few factors, like how he acts while walking on a leash. If he’s relaxed and rarely pulls, jumps or tries to get at other dogs, then a standard harness with a back clip is perfect for him.

But if your pup isn’t quite as calm, cool and collected as you’d like him to be while out for walks, then you may want to check out front-clip harnesses.

“As a trainer, my preferred training tool is a front-clip harness over a collar for most dogs, with or without behavioral issues,” Ulbrich said. These types of harnesses prevent dogs from pulling on the leash because the leash is clipped at the front — and that feels weird to dogs when they pull!

And size will play a big factor in which harness you choose, too. Most listings will have measurements available with the size guide, so grab a soft measuring tape and get the measurements of your pup’s neck, chest and belly to get the best fit.

Best dog harnesses for big dogs

Pet parents of big dogs say that these harnesses are awesome and effective during walks.

Best overall dog harness for big dogs: rabbitgoo Dog Harness

With over 86,700 five-star reviews on Amazon, pet parents say the dog harness from rabbitgoo is the perfect fit for their pup. It comes in four sizes, including extra-large, and features padding in the front and back for maximum comfort. It also has a front clip, which is an added bonus. 

Best front-clip dog harness for big dogs: juxzh Truelove Soft Front Harness

This front-clip, no-pull dog harness from Amazon is Dodo pet-parent-approved. The front clip makes even the worst pullers much more manageable when out for walks. And the close-grip handle at the back is great for when you need to suddenly keep your pup in place.

Best dog harnesses for small dogs

Small-dog pet parents love these harnesses for their pups.

Best overall dog harness for small dogs: Gooby Choke Free Comfort X Harness

Made in a super lightweight mesh, the X-shape of the Gooby harness for small dogs is extra comfy as it puts strain on the chest rather than the neck when a dog pulls forward. This harness is machine washable, and all four straps can be adjusted to fit even the smallest of pups.

Best front-clip dog harness for small dogs: Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure Front Clip Harness

Available in a variety of sizes, including extra-small, the Chai’s Choice front-clip harness is super easy to put on and prevents your small dog from pulling while out on walks. Each strap that makes up the harness is adjustable, and the extra padding on the front and back make this harness comfy to wear.

Best harnesses for puppies

And here’s the best harness you can pick up for a new puppy.

Best puppy harness: Voyager Step-In Air Harness

For puppies who have never used a harness before, the Voyager step-in harness is a great first buy according to thousands of pet parents. It’s lightweight enough that your puppy doesn’t feel weird wearing it, yet durable enough to get him used to the idea of walking while in a harness. And it comes in sizes starting at XXXS, which means you’ll definitely find a good fit for a tiny puppy breed.

Suited up in the perfect harness, both you and your dog will find that your daily walks just became so much better and more enjoyable.

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