From Spooky To Cute, These Are The Best Dog Costumes For Halloween 2022

Can't unsee the Demogorgon 🙈

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Amazon, Chewy, Petsmart
Amazon, Chewy, Petsmart

Halloween is one of the best nights of the year for both dog parents who love to dress up their pups and dogs who love wearing costumes! When your dog is dressed in a great costume, he gets so much attention and so many treats — what could be better than that?

But first, you actually need to pick out a costume for your pup from the seemingly endless options online. The never-ending scroll through dog costumes might just be the scariest part about the Halloween season.

To help you find the ultimate dog Halloween costume that will wow everyone at this year’s Halloween party, we found some of the best getups available that will definitely help you take home that “best costume” title.

The best dog costumes for Halloween 2022

Here are the best of the best Halloween costumes for dogs.

So you can reward your dog with Scooby Snacks all night: Rubie’s Costume Company Scooby-Doo! Dog Costume

This costume fits over your dog’s front legs and neck then looks like a cape covering his back. The headpiece has Scooby-Doo’s iconic goofy eyes and grin, and your dog will definitely deserve all the Scooby Snacks come Halloween night in this outfit.

If your dog acts like he comes from the Upside Down: Verceco Demogorgon Cosplay Costume

Whether you’re doing a “Stranger Things” group costume, or just trying to find the costume that best matches your dog’s personality (kidding, of course), then this Demogorgon costume from Verceco may be a perfect pick. It’s a simple headband that features that ferocious five-petal Demogorgon mouth that would be pretty scary if your dog wasn’t so cute!

The perfect costume for your pride and joy: Frisco Rainbow Dog Costume

There’s nothing that makes people more happy than rainbows and sunshine — that is, besides their dogs! Combine both sources of joy with this rainbow dog costume from Frisco that comes with a sunshine headband.

A costume that comes with a special delivery: California Costume Collections USPS Dog Mail Carrier Costume

Who says dogs and mail people can’t be friends (or one in the same)? This mail carrier costume from California Costume Collections comes with a hat, a set of arms that are attached to the legs of the uniform, and a box that can actually carry a special delivery of your choosing. The box can be Velcroed to the hands of the costume so your dog can walk around with it.

For your senior pup: Frisco Granny Dog Costume

Of course, your dog doesn’t have to be a senior to wear this granny costume — it’ll look cute on any pup! This outfit gets slipped over your dog’s front legs and neck and comes with a wig that can be adjusted via a toggle to fit your pup’s head perfectly.

The best way for your dog to make peace with the critters outside: Frisco Chipmunk Dog Costume

For your dog to better understand his enemy, he needs to spend a day walking in his shoes — that’s why this chipmunk costume from Frisco could actually be life changing. But chances are the feud will still be on after Halloween wraps up.

A simple costume for the king of the castle: TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane

Your dog will be king of the jungle (or of the neighborhood) in this dog lion Halloween costume. It comes with a mane and tail to make your pup look exactly like a lion. The mane comes in two colors so you can match it to your dog’s fur, and it fits medium- to large-sized dogs best.

For pups and parents who like to match: Tipsy Elves Halloween Skeleton Sweater for Pups + People

Matching dog-and-owner costumes are always a big hit, so get your dog this skeleton sweater — and get one for yourself to match. The sweater is black with a white skeleton design and comes in multiple sizes for both dogs and people, so you can be twin skeletons.

Because who doesn’t love a dog pun?: Frisco Hotdog Dog & Cat Costume

What’s better than a dog dressed up in a costume? A dog dressed up in a hot dog costume. This hot dog costume is a one-piece design with neck and belly straps to keep it in place. It also comes in multiple sizes. (Bonus points if you dress your weiner dog as a hot dog.)

A winner for those who want their pup to be the most unique: Thrills & Chills Halloween Skeleton Unicorn Dog & Cat Costume

You don’t have to decide between a scary or cute costume for your dog. This costume is both — a unicorn skeleton. It looks like a skeleton but with a unicorn head, pink wings and a colorful tail. It comes in multiple sizes and has an adjustable Velcro strap that goes under your dog’s stomach.

For foodie pet parents: Frisco Sushi Dog & Cat Costume

This adorable sushi dog costume comes with a sushi body and a separate soy sauce hat. The body is made out of a sherpa fabric (to look like rice) with neck and belly straps and has salmon, wasabi and ginger on it. The hat has elastic straps to fit comfortably on your pup’s head.

If your pup is a dog with a job: Tipsy Elves Halloween "Treat Inspector" Dog Sweater

If your dog is an expert treat inspector, then he definitely needs this costume. The sweater has crime scene tape and says “Treat Inspector” on the back. And this costume is so comfy it could be worn outside of the Halloween season, too!

A costume that turns your dog into a bucking bronco: NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

Turn your house into a pretend rodeo with this hilarious costume that makes it look like your dog has a cowboy riding on his back. The “saddle” is adjustable and comes in multiple sizes, and if you dress up as a rodeo clown, you’ll have yourself an incredible group costume.

For the dog who just got his letter from Hogwarts: Coomour Halloween Pet Wizard Dog Costume

“You’re a wizard, [insert your dog’s name here]!” Dressed in his hooded cape, Hogwarts house color tie and round glasses, you pup will be ready to start the next school year at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The tie comes in four different colors so you can decide which Hogwarts house your dog should be in (based on his personality, of course).

If your dog is a bird at heart: Frisco Flamingo Dog Costume

This two-piece flamingo dog costume is super cute and also super simple to put on. It comes with a Velcro-close vest that secures around your dog’s chest and belly, making it easy to get on and off, and a flamingo head cap with ear holes and a chin strap.

A costume ideal for avocado toast enthusiasts: Frisco Avocado Dog Costume

Your dog will look like the cutest avocado ever in this costume. This costume is a one-piece with neck and belly straps to keep it in place, and it also comes in multiple sizes. Really get into the millennial spirit by dressing yourself (or another pet) up as a piece of toast to drive home the avocado toast theme.

If your dog wants to try out a different set of claws: Frisco Red Lobster Dog Costume

Your pup can trade in his regular claws and try out a set of lobster claws instead this Halloween! Frisco’s lobster costume fits over your dog’s neck, secures under his stomach, and comes in sizes from XS up through 3XL. It even comes with a little lobster hat with antennas.

For the dog who is always going bananas: Bootique Banana Split Pet Costume

Who knew bananas walked on four legs? This funny banana costume from Bootique is a one-piece that secures around the chest and belly. The hood is also attached to the body piece so it’ll stay on while your dog is busy going, well, bananas on Halloween night. It comes in multiple sizes, so you can grab the perfect fit for your pup.

Because classic costumes are sometimes the best: Frisco Pumpkin Dog & Cat Costume,

Sometimes sticking with a classic is the way to go. And it doesn’t get more classic than this cute pumpkin two-piece costume from Frisco. The body is stuffed to make it look like your dog’s actually a round pumpkin, and it has a sequined leafy collar. It also comes with a pumpkin hat with an adjustable chin strap.

For fans of the PSL: Rubie's Puppy Latte Pet Costume

If your dog is a Puppuccino addict (or if you go a little crazy for pumpkin spice lattes this time of year), this coffee costume is perfect. It comes with a hat that looks like a dollop of whipped cream with a straw and a shirt that says “Puppy Latte.”

A costume for dogs down on the farm: Coppthinktu Dog Cow Costume

If your dog has ever wanted to see what it’s like being a cow for a day, then he’s in luck! This plush fleece cow costume from Coppthinktu will not only morph him into a cow, but it’ll keep him warm and snuggly all Halloween night. It’s a pullover style that comes with an attached hood for extra warmth (and cow-ness).

Cue the theme song from “Jaws”: Frisco Shark Attack Dog & Cat Costume

Get everybody out of the water if your dog shows up to the Halloween pool party in this outfit! This shark costume from Frisco has a separate hood with shark teeth and ear holes. The body has a tail and fins, and it straps around your dog’s neck and stomach for a comfortable fit. It also has a leash hole so you can take your dog out (and stretch his fins).

Remember, only dress your dog up for Halloween if he’s willing to actually wear his costume. If he’s not into it, don’t force it!

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