How To Make Sure Your Dog Doesn’t Gain Too Much Weight This Winter

Pack on the snuggles, not the pounds 🐶🤗

While the winter is definitely a time for extra snuggles on the couch with your pup, it might also mean a reduction in activity.
Who wants to go out walking in freezing temps (besides this cold-loving husky) anyway!?
So since you and the pup are catching up on those Netflix binges, it’s a good idea to make sure your pup doesn’t gain *too much* winter weight.

To help you strategize on how to make sure your dog doesn’t pack on a wild amount of winter pounds, The Dodo spoke to Dr. Albert Ahn, veterinary advisor at Myos Pet, for some tips.

“The key strategy in combating canine obesity is to balance energy intake (food and treats) with energy used (exercise), especially in the winter months when people and pets tend to decrease the frequency and length of walks,” Dr. Ahn said.

When temperatures drop, so does dog walking. 

It makes sense — because who wants to be out there walking in the freezing cold? It also means you need to make sure the walks you DO go on are safe — aka your dog is wearing a coat — and that you’re keeping an eye on how much she’s eating so you can reduce it if she starts to chub up. (A crime to dogs, but it’ll be better for her in the end.)

“If there will be a decrease in walks during these months, pet parents should reduce the food and treat intake accordingly otherwise this imbalance in calories will show up as extra pounds very quickly,” Dr. Ahn said. 

According to Dr. Ahn, it’s also important to note that muscle requires energy and the more fit — or muscular — your dog is, the more calories will be burned.

“The best way to maintain good muscle tone and mass in your dog is to exercise regularly and frequently,” Dr. Ahn said.

Which means to help prep for those cold winter months, it’s a good idea to make sure your pup is getting in all the exercise he can take when it’s nice enough.

And it’ll help you two bond even more while getting your fitness on, so that’s a major plus.

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