The Cutest Face Masks For Dog Lovers

Be safe and look cute 😷

face mask with dog snout

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Masks have become a part of our daily routine, but a lot of masks can be boring. So you’re probably looking for some extra-cute masks to make wearing them fun.

And if you love dogs, what better way to do that than with dog face masks?

The Dodo found 10 super-cute dog face masks so you can have one for every day of the week (and a few extra). Many of the masks are double-layered or have filter pockets for extra protection and have adjustable ear straps and nose wires to make wearing them as comfortable as possible. Plus there’s lots of adorable dogs.

Custom Face Masks

If you want to take your dog with you everywhere you go, get this custom mask with his face on it! It’s one size fits all and has an adjustable nose bridge and straps. It’s also double-layered with a pocket for a filter.

Doggie in the Window Mask by BriteVan

This mask features a cute dog peeking through the blinds and will remind you of your pup waiting for you to arrive home. It’s also double-layered and has adjustable ear straps for a comfortable fit.

Dogs Welcome People Tolerated Mask by ironydesigns

If you’re more of a dog person than a people person, this mask is for you. Let everyone know that dogs are more welcome than people with this double-layered mask.

Dog Paw Print Reusable Face Cover

This face mask has a fun multicolor dachshund print, and there’s a pocket to add a filter for extra safety.

Cute animal dog cloth face mask

This fun mask features a bunch of different types of dogs. It has a pocket for a filter and adjustable ear straps and nose bridge for the perfect fit. It’s also machine-washable so you can easily reuse it.

Dachshund Silhouette in Dark Mask by LaurasLovelies

If you want a mask with a more subtle dog design, try out this one with a dog silhouette. It has two layers and adjustable ear straps for a comfortable, safe fit.

Animal Dog Paw Print Reusable Face Cover

This bright paw print mask will add some color to your day. It’s waterproof and has a filter pocket and adjustable ear straps.

Funny Dog Mouth-Face Mask

You can actually look like a dog with these masks! The masks look like a dog’s snout, and they have adjustable ear loops and a pocket to add a filter.

Reusable Breathable Washable Cloth Face Mask

These masks come in a pack of three super-cute dog patterns — floral with Australian shepherds, beach-themed with Boston terriers and floral with dachshunds. The masks are made of breathable cotton and have adjustable ear loops.

Weddingstar 3-Ply Adult Washable Cloth Face Mask Reusable and Adjustable with Filter Pocket - Puppy Dog Print

This dog face mask has a ton of different dogs on it for every type of dog lover out there. It has three layers of fabric and a filter pocket for extra protection.