The Best Dog Dragon Costumes For Halloween

A magical Halloween costume option for your pup 🐉

dog wearing dragon costume

Halloween is around the corner, and if you’re a “House of the Dragon” fan or just want to dress up your pet as a powerful, mythic creature, a dragon is a classic (and cute!) Halloween costume option for dogs.

That’s why we’ve found the best dog dragon costume options that are available to buy this Halloween. Whether you’re looking for a full-body costume or a simple set of wings to capture the creature’s essence, there’s a dragon costume out there that’s perfect for your pet.

The best dog dragon costume options for Halloween 2022

A statement-making gold-colored dragon costume: Hyde & EEK! Boutique Gold Metallic Dragon Dog Costume

For an eye-catching costume that will look great in photos, you can’t go wrong with this gold-colored lightweight dragon costume. It boasts a shiny metallic finish and a set of distinctive wings on the back. Plus, it’s available in sizes from XS to XXL, fastens with a Velcro band under the belly to stay securely on your pet and is machine washable, too.

A leash-compatible dragon costume that’s perfect for a Halloween walk: Royal Animals Dragon Dog Costume

If you want to take your pup for a walk or go trick-or-treating while he’s wearing his costume, choosing one with a designated hole for a leash, like this green dragon costume, is essential. The two-piece look comes with a bodysuit that’s made out of soft, plush material and an optional headpiece that features a set of bulging white dragon eyes and a toothy grin. You can find it in sizes from XS to XL to fit a range of dogs.

A spooky red dragon option in a metallic material: Thrills & Chills™ Halloween Dragon Dog Costume

With its menacing eyes, sharp teeth and red, scaly material, this dog dragon costume is the best option to scare the neighborhood cats when they spot your pup wearing it. Offered in sizes from XS to 2XL, the costume is designed to slip over your pet’s head and fasten with adjustable Velcro straps. 

A silly green dragon costume: Party City Green Dragon Dog Costume

For a look that’s more cute than ferocious, this green dragon costume with its oversized eyes and snout fits the description. Available in three sizes, it’s designed with soft green fabric and yellow spikes running down the head and back of the costume. 

An ultra-comfy handmade costume: TailsUpPetShop Dragon Costume

Made of comfy cotton and fleece material, this handmade dragon costume is as perfect for photo ops as it is for snuggling on the couch. It's offered in six sizes to suit your pet's body.

A set of green and yellow wings: Coppthinktu Store Dragon Wings

If your pet isn’t a fan of full-body costumes, these wings are a great alternative that will still give your dog a dragon costume look. Made of lightweight yellow and green felt material, the wings come in three sizes and are easy to put on thanks to the costume’s two adjustable Velcro straps. 

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