Why Does My Dog Destroy All His Toys?

Well that toy lasted five minutes 🙄😂

dog destroying a stuffed toy

So you bought a new toy that’s *destruction proof* and you’re stoked about finally defeating your dog’s need to tear apart EVERYTHING.

You give it to your dog, pour another cup of coffee and revel in the fact that your chewer is finally gonna be occupied.

But then it happens … AGAIN. He has the toy for like *five minutes* before it’s ripped to shreds and you’re left wondering how on earth he does it.

Is your dog broken?

To find out what’s up with that, The Dodo spoke to Dr. Zay Satchu, cofounder and chief veterinary officer at Bond Vet in New York City.

“Dogs with a high prey drive tend to ‘hunt’ their toys once their interest has been sparked by the sound of a squeaker,” Dr. Satchu said. “Other dogs have learned to be destructive from another dog, and some are just bored.”

But whatever the reason, your dog isn’t broken.

“The behavior is normal, and closely replicates what a dog (wolf) would do in the wild when hunting small prey,” Dr. Satchu said.

Are there any toys that are actually destruction proof?

“Dog toy companies like Kong, Dogtuff and Barkbox (Super Chewer) all make toys marketed for destructive doggies,” Dr. Satchu said.

Try this Extreme Kong from Chewy for $8.49+

Or this Super Chewer cog from Barkbox for $14

But keep in mind that while some toys are better than others, none of them are fully dog-proof.

“While [these are] definitely tougher than some toys out there, I have yet to find any that are truly indestructible to the determined destroyer,” Dr. Satchu said.

Which means that while you can get tons of toys made for chewers, don’t be too disappointed if your pup gets the best of them in the end — it’s your dog’s mission, after all.

When on the hunt for a (fairly) destruction-proof chew toy, however, Dr. Satchu does suggest avoiding any that are too hard. “A good rule of thumb is that if you can't dent it with your fingernail, then it is too hard to be chewed on,” Dr. Satchu said.

Note: Your dog shouldn’t ingest toy fragments. If you find that your pup has won the battle against a toy, grab all the pieces and toss them out.

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