How To Keep Your Pup Cool This Summer

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how to keep your dog cool

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Summer comes with all types of outdoor activities for the whole family — and that includes tons of fun for your dog, too!

But all that heat isn’t always the most comfortable for your pup, which is why making sure they stay cool is important so that your dog doesn’t overheat or — even worse — get heatstroke.

These are some of the best cooling products you can get to make sure your dog stays cool this summer:

Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Dog Cooling Vest

rei ruffwear dog cooling vest

Have a dog who loves going on summer hikes with you? This vest is perfect for keeping him cool. Activate the cooling technology of this vest by soaking it in water and putting it on your pup. According to one reviewer: “My dog pants a lot less wearing this jacket on hot days.”

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Pressure Activated Cool Pet Pad

muttropolis pressure activated pet cooling pad

Perfect for backyard BBQs — or a pup who’d rather nap by the pool than cool off in it. This pressure-activated cooling pad doesn’t need any bells or whistles to work. No refrigeration, water or electricity needed! Once your pet lies down on the pad, it does its thing and keeps your pet cool for hours! 

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Cooling Pet Collar

muttropolis pet cooling collar

Want to help keep your dog's body temperature down during all those games of fetch? This collar just needs to be submerged in water for the special beads inside to activate. Not only will it help keep your dog cool, but the cooling effect lasts up to 3 days!

Buy it now from Muttropolis for $12.50+

Polar Bowl

polar bowl from amazon

Are you and your pup hanging in the sun-soaked backyard even more than usual this summer? Keep your dog’s water cold for hours with the Polar Bowl. Just freeze the bowl and your dog's water will stay perfectly chilled through all that backyard chilling.

Buy it now from Amazon for $14.99

Outdoor Dog Drinking Water Fountain

amazon dog water fountain

Between all that swimming and playtime, your dog is going to get extra thirsty. Help him out by getting him this step-on fountain. He’ll love being able to control when his water comes out — and it doubles as mental stimulation!

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