Pet Bunk Beds Are Totally Real And They're Amazing

The cutest, most extra splurge for a multi-pet home 🐶🐱

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Everyone’s heard of bunk beds for human children — but have you heard of bunk beds for pets?

There are actually several options on the market and they’re some of the cutest and most wonderfully ridiculous pet beds out there.

Since they’re only made in certain sizes — and there’s definitely a weight limit for those top bunks — these work best for smaller pets.

(Don’t worry! There are still beds out there for your giant bulldog or pittie.)

But if you’ve got a couple little guys running around, and you want them snoozing like human siblings, well, you have some options.

Especially if you’re willing to splurge.

Merry Pet Wood Pet House
A bunk bed with a little ladder
Dog Bunk Bed with Removable Cushions
A classic bunk bed, but for your pets
Kitty City Cat Claw Steel Bed
A less-expensive cat bed in a similar style
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