How To Throw A Dog Birthday Party

Best party ever 🥳🎉

dog in happy birthday crown

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If you’ve ever thrown a party, you know it’s a lot of work, and it can be really stressful. You have to plan, buy all the supplies, decorate and more.

With all that planning, it can take all the fun out of the party — which is the whole point of throwing a party in the first place. And throwing a dog party is just as hard.

To help you out, The Dodo put together a how-to guide, so you’ll know just how to throw the best dog birthday party for your pup.

Send out dog birthday party invitations

Step one is to send out invites. This birthday invitation has a cute dog photo on the front and is personalizable to add all the party info. You can even choose the type of background paper.

Put up dog birthday decorations

Next step is to decorate. These decorations come with lots of balloons in blue or pink, so you can pick your dog’s favorite color. You also get “Let’s Pawty” balloons and a “Happy Birthday” banner, plus an inflator to help you blow up all of those balloons (because your dog won’t help you).

Spruce up your table with these flowers that look like a dog! This flower dog even has eyes, a nose and a collar. Your dog might confuse it for one of her friends.

Give out dog birthday hats

Once all the party guests arrive, give out hats to get the party going! These hats are sparkly and come in a pack of four colors, so each dog can pick her favorite. They also have cute pom-poms on the top for extra fun.

Get the birthday girl a crown to show that it’s her special day. This one has ear loops and an adjustable string for the perfect fit, so your dog can wear it all day long.

Set up dog games

What’s a dog birthday party without games? This interactive dog puzzle has three different treat compartments (lift, flip and slide) to keep your pup busy and entertained for hours.

Your dog’s friends will have a ball (no pun intended) with these squeaky tennis balls! They come in fun colors and are both bouncy and squeaky, so you know dogs will love them. They’re also made with a softer fabric than regular tennis balls to be gentler on your pup’s mouth.

Bring out the dog birthday cake

Get a personalized birthday cake like this one for your dog’s birthday party! It comes in multiple colors and flavors, like banana, coconut and peanut butter, and is made with natural ingredients.

Give out dog birthday treats

Send your guests off with some gift bags filled with birthday treats! These gift bags have paw prints on them and come in three different sizes to choose from, depending on what goodies you’re giving away.

Don’t forget to fill the gift bags with treats! These dog macarons are super cute. They’re handmade with 100 percent natural ingredients.

These bone biscuits are also perfect to put in a party bag. They come in a bunch of flavors, like bacon, beef and sausage, and they contain 12 vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy.

These frozen dog treats come in individual cups that are the perfect size to give out to your guests! They have protein, vitamins and minerals, so they’re good for your dog, and they taste good too.