9 Awesome Birthday Hats Your Dog Needs For Her Big Day

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dog with party hat and collar

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One of the best parts of your dog’s birthday is dressing her up (for you, at least).

While it might not be your dog’s favorite part of her birthday (hers is probably the cake), you’ll still need a fun hat so you can at least take a picture — then she can take it off as soon as the picture’s done.

To help you get the perfect Instagram shot, The Dodo found nine awesome birthday hats for your dog.

ADOGGYGO Dog Birthday Bandana Hat Set

Treat your dog like a queen (or king) for the day with this crown. The crown has an elastic strap to help it stay on your pup’s head, and it comes with a birthday bandana that says “Birthday Girl” (or Boy) to complete the outfit.

Stock Show Birthday Party Cone Hat and Bow Tie

Your pup will look extra dapper with this party hat and bow tie combo that comes in multiple colors. The hat is glittery with a pom-pom on top and has an elastic strap to secure it on your dog’s head.

PET SHOP BY FRINGE STUDIO Pawty for One Party Hat Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

This hat doubles as a squeaky toy for your dog! It has a cute polka-dot pattern and furry trim, and best of all, it has a squeaker inside to be used as a toy when your pup is done wearing it.

Pet Krewe Unleash the Parade Birthday Dog Collar & Hat

Your dog will be the star of the show with this hat and fun pom-pom collar! The collar comes in multiple sizes, and the hat has a fun dog balloon animal print.

Glitter Birthday Hat

This hat is totally customizable — you can choose the color of the hat and trim and get your pup’s age on it, and it has an elastic strap to make sure it stays in place.

Custom Dog Hat

You can get your dog’s name embroidered on this cute crown! You can choose the pom-pom color and the lettering of your dog’s name to make it completely your own.

Personalized Rainbow Dog Birthday Hat

This paw print birthday hat comes in extra-large sizes, so you can even get a matching one for yourself! You can customize the hat to get your dog’s (or your) name on it.

FRISCO Birthday Cake Dog & Cat Hat

This birthday cake hat is the ultimate birthday hat — nothing says birthday like a cake. It says “Happy Birthday” on the front and comes in multiple sizes with ear straps and an adjustable string so you can get the perfect fit.

Dusty Blue Dog Birthday Hat Blue Polka Dot Pet Hat

This hat is perfect for fancier pups. It’s super pretty with a feather trim and sparkly number, and it has an elastic strap to help it stay on your dog’s head.