A Guide To Giving Your Dog The Best Birthday Ever

Best. Birthday. Ever 🥳 🐶

dog with birthday hat and cake

Your dog’s birthday (or Gotcha Day) is a big day! You’ll want to make sure everything goes perfectly.

But there are so many things to buy and so much to plan that it can be hard to even know where to begin — so The Dodo made this guide to make sure you get everything you need to celebrate your pup’s birthday.

Planning your dog’s birthday party

7 Ideas To Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday: There are lots of ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday, and with all the different ways to celebrate and all the different dogs out there, it might be hard for you to decide what to do to give your dog the best day ever. To help you decide, The Dodo made this list of seven fun ideas for ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday.

How To Throw A Dog Birthday Party: Throwing a party takes a lot of planning, which can take all the fun out of it — which is the whole point of throwing a party in the first place. And throwing a dog party is just as hard. To help you out, The Dodo put together this how-to guide, so you’ll know just how to throw the best dog birthday party for your pup.

How To Celebrate Gotcha Day For Your Dog: Don’t forget Gotcha Day! To help you show your adopted pup how special he is to you, The Dodo created this guide to help you celebrate your dog’s Gotcha Day.

What you need to throw a dog birthday party

If you’re going to throw a dog birthday party, you need lots of supplies. To help you out, The Dodo made a list of all the party supplies you’ll need to throw the perfect dog birthday party (or adoption day party) ever. All of them are available online, so you can buy them stress-free and spend more time partying with your pup.

Dog birthday cards

Dog Birthday Invitations: The Dodo found some of the cutest, highest-rated dog birthday invitations online that will get your friend group (and their pups) excited for your dog’s big day.

10 Of The Best Dog Birthday Cards For The Dog Lovers In Your Life: To help you celebrate the dog lovers in your life, The Dodo rounded up 10 of the best dog birthday cards that dog people will love.

Dog birthday treats

10 Special Dog Treats Designed Just For Your Dog's Birthday: To help give your dog the best birthday (or adoption day) ever, The Dodo found 10 dog birthday treats that your pup will love almost as much as she loves you.

The Yummiest Dog Birthday Cakes You Can Buy: To help you find the perfect cake for your dog’s birthday, The Dodo found seven of the cutest and yummiest dog birthday cakes with great reviews from pet parents. (Plus, they’re super cute for photos!)

Dog birthday gifts

10 Adorable Gifts For Your Dog's Birthday (Or Adoption Day): The Dodo rounded up 10 of the best dog gifts you can buy online to give your pup the best birthday ever.

10 Birthday-Themed Toys To Give Your Pup The Best Day Ever: The Dodo rounded up some of the cutest dog birthday toys online that will take your pup’s birthday party from good to great.

Dog birthday outfits

9 Awesome Birthday Hats Your Dog Needs: To help you get the perfect Instagram shot, The Dodo found nine awesome birthday hats for your dog (that he’ll actually wear for more than 10 seconds).

11 Dog Birthday Outfits That Will Let Everyone Know It's His Special Day: The Dodo found some great dog birthday outfits online that are both party-appropriate and photo-ready. From bandanas to hats to tutus, your dog will enter into his next year in style.