You Can Get Your Dog Her Very Own Advent Calendar

Treats for every day ✨🎄

dog with wufers advent calendar

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Counting down the days this holiday season and looking for creative ways to include your dog? Look no further.

These super adorable advent calendars are just what you need to spruce up your holiday decor and get those dog tails wagging.

Here are some of the cutest dog advent calendars on the internet — some come with their own treats or toys included, while others give you the chance to fill it with your pup’s own favorite goodies!

Advent Cookie Calendar

This advent calendar includes 23 bone-shaped cookies and one paw print cookie. The treats are individually wrapped, handmade and baked fresh. And the box is cute, too. The dogs on the box are wearing winter gear, like scarves and earmuffs, and are custom-illustrated.

GOOD 'N' FUN Holiday 12 Days of Dogmas Holiday Calendar Dog Treats

This 12 days of dogmas calendar includes treats made with real beef and chicken. The treats have a chewy texture that’s perfect for dogs who love to chew.

Merry Makings Hanukkah 8-Nights of Thrills Dog Toy Calendar

This calendar has eight fun and festive holiday toys for every night of Hanukkah. It comes with a variety of plush, rope and crinkly toys, and they’re all Hannukah themed, including a dreidel, a ball with the Star of David on it and gelt. 

Merry Makings 12-Days of Thrills Dog Toy Advent Calendar

Your dog will have a ball (no pun intended) playing with the toys from this advent calendar. The calendar includes 12 days’ worth of holiday-themed squeaky and crinkly toys.

Merry Makings 25-Days of Thrills Dog Treat Advent Calendar

This dog advent calendar has 25 cookies that your pup will love. They’re gingersnap flavored, so your pup can have her treats while you’re having your gingerbread cookies.

DreamBone Holiday Rawhide-Free Collection

This advent calendar includes 24 days of rawhide-free chew toys that are safe for your pup. They’re easy to digest and will help clean your dog’s teeth and gums as she chews (plus, she’ll love the flavors). The treats are made with chicken and sweet potato.

Primitives by Kathy Fabric Advent Calendar, Good Dog

This hanging advent calendar says “Dear Santa, I’ve been a good dog” (and obviously, your dog has been extra good this year). It’s made of a durable red and white cotton blend fabric that will last, so you can use it again and again. It has 25 pockets for you to add your pup’s favorite treats or toys.

Merry & Bright Biscuits Advent Calendar Dog Treats

This dog advent calendar has 25 biscuits for every day leading up to Christmas. The biscuits come in a bunch of festive holiday shapes, including stars, Christmas trees and bells, and they’re even red and green.

Merry & Bright Frosted Cookies Advent Calendar Dog Treats

Let your pup in on the Christmas cookie fun with this advent calendar that includes 24 frosted red, green and white bone-shaped cookies and a frosted Santa cookie.

Dog Gone It Fabric Advent Calendar

This fabric advent calendar has 25 pockets for every day leading up to Christmas. The top of the calendar has a cute, holiday-themed image of a bunch of dogs hanging out by a fireplace and a Christmas tree, and you can put your dog’s favorite treats or toys in the red pockets below.

Bark The Halls Dog Treat Advent Calendar

This advent calendar has 24 days of gourmet dog treats, which are made of applesauce and peanuts.

Advent Calendar with Pockets Reindeer Wall Hanging

This advent calendar has 24 pockets and a cute reindeer with Christmas lights on his antlers. It includes a felt candy cane to put in the pockets to mark the date, and you can add your pup’s favorite treats and toys. It includes a ribbon for hanging.

Personalized Dog Advent Calendar

This advent calendar has a dog house with Christmas lights on the roof and a Christmas tree on it. It has 25 pockets for you to add treats or toys, and you can get your pup’s name embroidered on it. It’s handmade and has a fabric hook to hang on your wall.

Puppy Treat Tree Advent Calendar

You can customize this Christmas tree advent calendar. It comes in hunter green, bright green and white. It has a cute bow on top, holly details and 25 pockets to add treats, and it’s handmade. You can even order a calendar with treats already included.

Personalised Fill Your Own Wooden Pet Advent Calendar Light

This wooden advent calendar has a natural finish and would look great in your home even after the holidays. There are 24 numbered drawers for treats. Plus, lights in the back of the box shine through to the front to light up your pup’s name, which you can have laser cut in the center.

S-DEAL Burlap Christmas Advent Calendar

This hanging advent calendar has a dog with a Santa hat and scarf and says “Merry Christmas.” It has 24 red, green and white pockets for you to add treats or toys for your pup. There’s an attached candy cane that you can use to mark the date in the pockets leading up to the big night.