The Dodo Loveables Toy Collection Is Here

And yes, they’re all super adorable 😍

The Dodo Loveables Toy Collection Is Here

Exciting news for all the kids in your life: The Dodo’s first collection of plush toys is here (and yes, they’re all adorable).

Inspired by The Dodo series “Little But Fierce,” The Dodo Loveables is a line of six animal toys that are individually sold in mystery packaging — so it’s a surprise which one you’ll be bringing home! Each animal comes with a comic strip that shares a little bit of their story, so you’ll have even more reason to give these soft toys a hug when you open the box.

Available now exclusively at select Walmart stores (and on Walmart’s site January 1), we couldn’t be more excited to share this collection with little animal lovers everywhere.

Introducing The Dodo Loveables toy collection for kids

The Dodo Loveables Toy Collection For Kids Is Available Now At Walmart
The Dodo

Spud the Dog

Spud has a huge personality in a little body. With brown, stubby legs, this friendly pup is known as a “walking potato” who’s always wagging his tail and looking for a hug. He waited a long time to be adopted, and is so glad he finally found a home.

Dandelion the Cat

Dandelion is an extra-special kitty — she has one green eye and one blue. This cat has a wild spirit and the bravest heart around. She was adopted from the side of the road and brought home to a family with a dog, and now they’re the best of friends.

Connie the Koala

This sweet koala had a tough beginning. Connie fell from a tree and got hurt, but was saved by kind rescuers who helped her heal. Now she’s back to climbing trees again!

Tuff the Turtle

Tuff’s shell was cracked when he was a baby, but his mom rescued him, and soon he was all better again. He loves his family and all the treasures he finds in his new home (besides broccoli).

Hank the Hedgehog

Hank is a prickly hedgehog who was discovered underneath a shed in his parents’ backyard. He was super scared at first, but now he loves to go on adventures with his new family.

The Dodo

We couldn’t have a new collection without featuring a dodo bird, right? This dodo hurt his foot, but luckily his mom fixed his injury, and now he’s squawking all the time because he loves her so much!

Our new The Dodo Loveables collection (in select Walmart stores now and available online starting January 1) is the sweetest — we can’t wait for you to check it out and collect all six plush toy characters!

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