These Are The Cutest Dog And Cat Halloween Costumes

That fuzzy little sloth costume 😍❤️

cute dogs in funny halloween costumes
Chewy / Amazon / Muttropolis
Chewy / Amazon / Muttropolis

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If you're so obsessed with Halloween that you start planning on September 1 — but you’re not trying to get too scary — this list was created just for you.

These are some of the cutest and funniest dog and cat costumes you can buy this year, guaranteed to leave your camera roll full of perfect pet selfies.


dog in a ghostbusters costume

Who you gonna call? Probably all your friends to snap pics of your ghost-fighting pup.

UPS Driver

UPS dog Halloween costume

If your pet happens to love your local UPS delivery driver, why not pay them a little homage with this crazy adorable costume?


mailman dog halloween costume

Is the USPS more your pet’s style? This one’s for you.


bumblebee dog halloween costume

Those antennae!

A Bunny

dog bunny costume

This sort of gives “A Christmas Story” vibes, so hopefully it’ll make you snort out loud just like that bunny costume does.

Another Bunny

dog bunny costume

This costume is so ridiculously cute — and cuddly.

A Koala

koala dog and cat halloween costumes

What’s more cuddly than a koala? Definitely your cat in a koala costume. Just look at that face!

Teddy Bear

Teddy bear dog costume

Everyone loves a teddy bear — but your pet dressed up as one? That’s squeal-worthy.

A Sloth

sloth dog halloween costume

Sloth obsession is real, and if you’re one of those people who drinks your coffee out of a sloth mug, can you even imagine what this costume will do to you? (Take pics, please).

A Cute Old Granny

Granny dog costume

Dressing up babies as grannies is a go-to costume for a reason — but they ain’t seen nothing yet.

Polar Bear

polar bear dog costume

This chilly bear will warm your heart.

A Pineapple

pineapple dog halloween costume

If your dog loves this sweet fruit, you might as well make her super happy by dressing her up like one.

Where’s Waldo?

Where's Waldo dog halloween costume

Where’s Waldo? Off somewhere getting tons of pets, of course.

A Beanie Baby

Beanie Baby dog halloween costume

This clever costume transforms your pet into your very own beanie baby — a REAL collector’s edition. And it’s great for a pet who isn’t into actually wearing costumes.

A Lion

lion halloween costume for dogs

Fool the entire neighborhood into thinking the cutest lion possible is roaming the streets.

A Panda

panda costumes for dogs and cats

With attached bamboo, of course.

A Fluffy Panda

fluffy panda costume for dogs

A panda option for those who want a more realistic look. Because, ya know, you’re trying to fool people here.


Chewbacca dog costume

The Force is strong with this adorably badass costume.


piglet costume for dogs

Have your own little Piglet on your hands with this adorable costume. Wanna make it match yours? Grab a Winnie the Pooh and a pot of honey!

Have two pets? Dress your other as Eeyore and you’ve basically got the whole Hundred Acre Woods!