Cute Dog Halloween Costumes That'll Make Halloween 2022 The Most Adorable One Yet

The angel wings are perfection 👼

Of course, your dog definitely doesn’t need to dress up in a Halloween costume to be the most adorable pup on the block. But sometimes, putting on a costume can make a dog feel that much more adorable. So if you and your pup are looking for the cutest Halloween costume of all time, then we found some seriously sweet dog outfits for Halloween 2022.

From teddy bear costumes to angel wings and a halo, there are so many cute dog Halloween costumes to pick from. Get ready for cuteness overload!

We narrowed down the search to the best cute costumes we could find that will make your dog the center of attention at any Halloween block party or event he shows up to.

12 cute dog Halloween costumes

For the opera singer: Rubie’s Costume Company Viking Hat

Know a pup who can howl just as good as the most famous of opera singers? Then this Viking hat is the perfect accessory for his next performance. It can be adjusted around his chin with a comfortable toggle strap, and it even comes with two adorable braids made from yarn.

Because there’s nothing cuter than a classic: Frisco Pumpkin Dog Costume

Stick to something basic (and adorable) with this pumpkin costume from Frisco. It comes with a jack-o’-lantern face on the cape-like back and a cute curly pumpkin stem hat. You can pick one up in sizes ranging from XS up through 3XL.

For your little lovebug: Frisco Bumble Bee Dog Costume

What has black and yellow stripes and cute pom-pom antennas? Your dog in this bumble bee costume from Frisco! It comes with a harness-style body piece made from plush material and a Velcro-close headpiece with matching antennas.

For the good-est dog there is: Pet Krew Angel Wings Costume

If your pup is actually just a little angel, then he’ll look perfect in this set of angel wings and halo from Pet Krew at Chewy. The wings secure around your dog’s existing harness, and the halo can be adjusted around your dog’s chin using the simple toggle feature.

A costume that’s scary cute: Frisco Front Walking Werewolf Dog Costume

Although you’re supposed to be frightened of werewolves, there’s nothing scary about this werewolf costume from Frisco. In fact, it’s actually pretty adorable. The pants and shirt fit over your dog’s front legs and neck, and the costume comes with a headpiece that features wild fur and pointed werewolf ears.

A play on the classic “farm dog”: Frisco Pig Dog Costume

If your dog wants to try being a different animal on Halloween night, then slip him into this adorable, fuzzy pig costume from Frisco at Chewy. The entire costume is made from cozy plush fabric, and the body of the costume fits across your dog’s neck and belly like a cape.

For your cuddle buddy: Frisco Front Walking Teddy Bear Costume

You already cuddle with your pup as much as you can, so why not turn him into a teddy bear? This front-walking costume fits over your dog’s front legs and comes with a headpiece that Velcroes closed around his chin. The costume even comes with a cute little neck bow to really sell the teddy bear look.

For the fruit salad group costume: Rubie’s Costume Company Banana Dog Costume

Have your entire family dress up as fruits this Halloween, including your dog! This banana costume from Rubie’s Costume Company fits over your dog’s body like a harness and comes with a hood to complete the banana look.

To let your dog step into his enemy’s shoes: Frisco Chipmunk Dog Costume

As the war between dog and chipmunk rages on, give your dog a fresh perspective on the fight by putting him in this hilariously cute chipmunk costume this Halloween. It comes with a harness-style chipmunk body (acorn included) and a headpiece with an embroidered chipmunk face.

For Halloween party hopping: Frisco Frog Dog Costume

Become the life of every party with your dog dressed in this tree frog costume. It comes with a frog-eye headpiece and a harness-style body that has four frog feet attached. You can grab one of these costumes in sizes ranging from XS through 3XL.

If your pup would fit in with the Plastics: Rubie’s Costume Company “Mean Girls” Dog Costume

Pet parents who love the 2004 comedy “Mean Girls” will instantly recognize this famous quote from the movie: “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” Your dog can strut her stuff all Halloween, just like the Plastics.

If you’re spending Halloween on the couch: Thrills & Chills Halloween Dog Pajamas

If you and your dog are planning on spending Halloween curled up on the couch, then these Halloween-themed dog pajamas from Thrills & Chills at PetSmart make the perfect casual costume. They’re decked out in a spooky candy print with black and orange details and are comfy-cozy for dogs of all sizes to wear.

Remember, if your dog isn’t warming up to wearing a costume, then don’t force him into it! He’ll be cute no matter what. But for pups who love costumes (and all the attention they get from wearing them), you can’t go wrong with these adorable options!

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