Crochet Dog Hats To Keep Him Warm And Extra Adorable

So cute 😍

Crochet Dog Hat

Searching for something new to keep your dog’s head warm on wintertime walks and an extra-cute way to accessorize?

Look no further than a crochet dog hat — these hats come in a variety of colors and styles, all of which are designed to keep your dog’s head warm and his overall look extra adorable.

Seriously, where have these accessories been our whole lives? As you’ll see from the list below, these crocheted dog hats are handmade with love and totally smile-inducing.

11 crochet dog hat options to keep his head warm and cozy

This one’s made by Grandma: Crocheted Pet Beanie

This beanie is available in multiple sizes, hand crocheted by Grannie Iris and available in several bright and beautiful colors. And just look at that pom-pom on top!

For your cute little dino: Crocheted Dinosaur Dog Hat

Does your pup remind you of a little dinosaur sometimes? He might need this crocheted dinosaur hat, which comes with spikes, ear flaps and multi-colored braids to keep it secure. 

A Frenchie exclusive: Frenchie Crocheted Hat And Ear Warmer with Tassels

This adorable dog hat and ear warmer is made specifically for French bulldogs. The crocheted triangles fit his ears perfectly and will keep him extra warm on his afternoon walk. 

The sweetest fruit around: Cute Crochet Strawberry Dog Hat

A strawberry hat for your little strawberry. Does it get any more adorable? Available in small, medium and large, the seller also takes custom orders.

He’ll be warm and protected: Crochet Dog Hat

Your dog will look so cute with a pom-pom on top of his head. This crochet dog hat comes in 28 colors and three sizes, so you’ll be sure to find the right one for your pet.

Sun protection and bonus art: Crochet Dog Sun Hat

Hats aren’t only for the winter! This floppy crocheted hat protects your dog from the sun’s rays during the warmer months. And there’s an extra bonus with this purchase — it includes a free mini sketch of your BFF!

Hey there, bumblebee: Crochet Bee Dog Hat

Part sun hat, part bumblebee, this hat protects from the sun, keeps him feeling secure and could even be used as part of a Halloween costume. 

The cutest bear around: Dog Bear Cowl

Keep his head, neck and ears cozy with this cowl design. And you gotta love those little bear ears on top! 

So many pretty colors: Crochet Striped Dog Hat With Pom Pom And Ear Flaps

We love the multi-colored design on this striped crochet dog hat, which includes shades of blue, teal, green, purple, pink and burgundy. 

Your little fashionista: Soft Dog Bucket Hat

Your dog can be a trendsetter with this fashionable bucket hat design. Made with super soft yarn and available in several colors and sizes, this one is sure to be cozy. 

Yes to matchy-matchy: Crochet Dog Hats With Matching Pet Parents Hat

Matching with your dog takes your BFF status to the next level, so why not check out this pretty adorable matching hat set? After all, your head needs to stay warm, too!

Here’s to the cuteness that is a dog hat and the security and warmth it’ll provide your BFF. Happy shopping!

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