Crochet Cat Hats For Your Stylish Kitty

She’ll be ready for winter in these sweet hats 😻

Crochet Cat Hat

Did you know cat hats were a thing? If not, get ready to be obsessed with these adorable cat accessories.

If your cat doesn’t mind dressing up, she might appreciate having something to keep her head warm — and you’ll love how cute it looks.

Many crochet cat hats can be found online, where they’re often handmade with soft yarn in tons of colors, sizes and designs. But if you happen to be the crafty sort, there are many crochet cat hat pattern options out there that you can even make yourself!

Seriously, where have these stylish accents been our whole lives? As you’ll see from the list below, these crocheted cat hats are handmade with love and totally smile-inducing.

10 crochet cat hat options to keep her stylish and cozy

She’ll be a trendsetter: Bucket Hat For Cat

Bucket hats are all the rage these days, and now your cat can be a fashionista, too. Available in small, medium or large and in a variety of colors, we like that this cat hat includes strings to tie it underneath her chin so it won’t fall off.

Flower power: Mini Roses Cat Hat

She’ll be ready for a walk in the garden (or at least a photo op next to a bouquet of flowers) in this adorable cat hat with roses on top. 

Fly the friendly skies: Aviator Hat For Cats

Amelia Earhart fan? Love plane travel? This cat hat is perfect for Halloween or a fun trip with your mini BFF.

That pom-pom, though: Winter Crochet Cat Beanie

There is so much to love about this cozy crochet cat beanie, but that pom-pom is absolutely adorable. We also love that this hat comes in tons of fun colors (you’ll choose two of your favorites for this one).

She’ll put a spell on you: Purple Wizard Cat Hat

Abracadabra! This one could not be any cuter. Available in standard sizes, and if you need a custom fit, this Etsy seller can do that, too.

Two queens in the household: Matching Parent And Cat Crocheted Crowns

You and your cat are queens of the household, and now everyone will know it! What can we say? These crowns are totally adorable.

Keep those ears warm: Hat For Cat Ears

Want to keep her ears warm? Then this cat hat is for you. We love the pastel color options and the fact that this one slips over her head for a snug and secure fit. 

Too cool for school: Crochet Cat Beanie

She’ll look pretty cool in this crochet cat beanie, available in regular and extra small. (Measuring her before you order is advised.)

For your pretty girl: Flower Cat Hat

She’ll be as pretty as a flower in this hat. Crocheted with 100 percent cotton yarn, we love how this one is shaped like an actual flower and has an adorable little stem on top.

Cute little froggy: Crocheted Froggy Cat Hat

Turn your cat into a frog with this froggy hat that fits snugly over her head and ears. 

Here’s to the cuteness that is your cat wearing a hat — she’ll be warm and you’ll be constantly entertained. It’s a win-win!

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