25 Cow Jokes That Will Turn You Into A Comedian, According To Your Kids

Your kid will have milk come out of their nose!

Are you ready to make your kids laugh so hard milk might come out of their noses? These absurd and silly cow jokes for kids of all ages are so funny they might even make you laugh, too!

From sidesplitting cow puns to corny jokes that will make your kids roll their eyes, these jokes are great to keep in your back pocket for future trips to the farm or whenever your child’s in need of a good chuckle.

Get ready to get all the kids giggling, because these cow jokes are spot-on!

Punny cow one-liners

These cow one-liners are such a hoot you’ll leave your child grinning from ear to ear.

  1. An udder day, an udder dollar.
  2. That is one legen-dairy cow.
  3. If that cow keeps mooing, we’ll have to press the moo-te button.
  4. That cow is a regular cow-median.
  5. I don’t see any cows! They must be ca-moo-flaged!
  6. Farmers don’t need to worry about taxes. They have the best ac-cow-tants.
  7. Where’d that cow go? He pulled a Moo-dini.

Silly cow jokes

These silly wisecracks will definitely brighten your kid’s day.

  1. Why are cows such awesome dancers? They’ve got all the right moo-ves!
  2. What did the mother cow say to her calf? It’s pasture bedtime!
  3. How do you count cows? With a cow-culator!
  4. What do you call a sad cow? Moo-dy.
  5. Why did the cow want to get in the rocketship? He wanted to go to udder space!
  6. What do you call a cow who can part water? Moo-ses.
  7. Where do cows go to get their medicine? The farm-acy!

Corny cow jokes

Need more cow hilarity in your life? These corny cow jokes will keep your kid laughing.

  1. What does a cow say when he’s surfing? “Cow-a-bunga!”
  2. What do you call a cow who just hit the lottery? A cash cow.
  3. What do you get when a cow jumps on a trampoline? A milkshake!
  4. Where do cows eat lunch? The calf-eteria!
  5. Why was the cow afraid to leave the barn? Because he’s a cow-ard.

More punny cow jokes

Here are six more clever jokes to tell your kids.

  1. What is a cow’s favorite newspaper? The Daily Moos.
  2. What is a cow’s favorite type of play? A moo-sical!
  3. Why do cows tell each other jokes? To keep themselves a-moo-sed.
  4. How do you make Swiss cheese? Use milk from a holey cow.
  5. Why did the cow look so confused? He was having deja-moo.
  6. Why did the cow ask for a telescope? He wanted to see the Milky Way.

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