Covered Litter Boxes That Are Actually Cute

You might want these even if you don't have a cat ...

Covered Cat Litter Boxes

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If you have a cat who prefers to do his business somewhere cozy, you've probably realized finding a covered litter box that isn't ugly is a challenge.

There are definitely litter box covers out there that are more attractive than the usual giant hunk of plastic — but it takes a bit of searching.

To save you the time, we rounded up the most modern, attractive, innovative covered litter boxes on the market — so you can find something both you and your cat can love.

Frieda Litter Box Enclosure

Litter Box Enclosure

Why You’ll Love It: This classic wood litter box cover strikes the perfect balance between giving your cat his private space, and blending in with almost any home style. It comes in three wood colors, and has easy openings for convenient daily cleaning. Plus, a customizable inner compartment can even be used to hide litter supplies!

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Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Planter

Hidden Cat Litter Planter

Why You’ll Love It: One reviewer mentioned that her cat thinks this is the Taj Mahal of litter boxes — so why not see if your cat feels the same? With hundreds of five-star reviews, this nature-themed litter box cover is deceptively light for easy moving, and is large enough to fit chubbier cats. 

Buy it now from Chewy for $52.58

Mattias Wood Enclosed Litter Box Enclosure

Wood Enclosed Litter Box Enclosure

Why You’ll Love It: This enclosure looks like just another piece of furniture — although a closer look will reveal the *crazy cute* cat-shaped cutout for your bestie to get to his litter box. Plus it comes in two colors to fit in with your home style.

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Corner Kitty Litter Box & Liner

Corner Kitty Litter Box

Why You’ll Love It: Unlike some other litter box covers, this one comes with a removable liner to make cleaning up any spills a breeze. This sturdy litter box can be tucked into any corner, making it a great choice for small homes.

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ecoFlex Litter Loo, Litter Box Cover/End Table

Farmhouse Style Kitty Litter Box Cover

Why You’ll Love It: This farmhouse-style litter box enclosure doubles as an end table. It comes in four different colors, so it’ll blend into any home decor, and it has plenty of ventilation — so not only do you not have to see the litter box, but you don’t have to smell it, either.

Buy it now from Amazon for $74.99

Custom Reclaimed Wooden Litter Box Enclosure

Reclaimed Wood Litter Box

Why You’ll Love It: If you’re serious about keeping your cat’s litter box somewhere completely unique, these splurge-worthy custom pieces are breathtaking. Pick from a variety of colors and styles — like rustic chic, minimalist, mid century mod or a bench top (like the one pictured) — to create a custom piece with plenty room for litter boxes and storage. Not to mention those adorable cat cutout entrances!

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