The Best Cat Bowls You'll Actually Want In Your Kitchen

Byeee ugly plastic 👋

best cat bowls
Chewy / Etsy / Food52 / Frontgate / Zazzle
Chewy / Etsy / Food52 / Frontgate / Zazzle

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You love your cat, but you might not love that sad gray food bowl in the corner of your kitchen.

Here are the prettiest bowls that will actually elevate your kitchen — AKA ones that you'll buy for yourself as much as for your cat.

Ceramic Q Bowl
There are so many positives about this bowl — like how the ears are the perfect spot for your thumb to pick it up off the ground, or how an elevated feeder can help if your cat is prone to vomiting after eating. Plus, it looks awesome. Wins all around!
Modern Triple Stand
Whether you have three cats in your home or you’re looking to give your one cat some variety, these triple stands come in three different wood colors — so you can choose whichever one fits best in your home.
Traditional Melamine Pet Bowls
These bowls are just so pretty and colorful that it’s hard to choose which one you want — so you might as well get a few to change out with your cat’s moods (because everybody knows cats *are* moods).
Wild One Customizable Bowl
Wild One
This sleek, modern bowl is cool enough on its own — but you can also customize it with up to 26 characters and a choice of 10 emojis! Including an avocado, of all things 🥑
Black Sugar Skull Bowl
You don’t have to wait for Día de los Muertos to embrace these colorful sugar skulls — now you can let your cat celebrate every day of the year.
Handmade Stoneware Bowls
Yeah, this one's a splurge, but it's handmade! So it's guaranteed to be as unique as your pet.
Elevated Feeder
This handcrafted feeder has an engraved design that will fit perfectly into a bohemian-style home — plus, it’s elevated for more comfortable feedings.
Dipped Ceramic Pet Bowl
Simple and sleek — just like your cat likes 'em.
Tropical Monstera Leaf Pet Bowl
If your cat loves sunbathing all day, why not get her a bowl that will make mealtime just as hot? This is the perfect bowl if you’re looking for a tropical leaf design with a modern twist.
Waggo Dipper Ceramic Bowl
This cutie bowl comes in a variety of modern colors — so you can get a few if you like to swap them out with the seasons.
Ceramic Food & Water Bowls
These are spackled and simple while still giving a sophisticated look to your cat’s mealtime — and that peach color is totally worth the splurge.
Big Head Water Bowl
Here’s a whisker-friendly water bowl that’s wide enough for your cat to drink from without getting all messy (but still cute).