8 Best Collapsible Dog Bowls For Travel, Hiking Or Camping

The key to packing lightly.

collapsible dog bowl

Going for a trip with your dog and need the perfect gear?

You’ll definitely want to add collapsible dog bowls to your list of supplies since they’re hands-down the best way to feed your pup (and keep him hydrated) when you’re on the go.

The Dodo rounded up the best collapsible dog bowls out there so you can find the perfect one for traveling, camping or hiking with your furry companion.

Why use collapsible dog bowls?

Collapsible dog bowls (aka travel dog bowls) are the perfect way to keep your pup hydrated when you’re traveling, camping or hiking (or all three!).

Your dog’s normal ceramic or stainless steel bowls can definitely be a bit too bulky when you’re on the go, taking up way more space than they should and creating a ton of noise (or breaking) when they bump into other hard surfaces.

Collapsible dog bowls are typically made out of a pet-safe silicone or fabric material, are super lightweight and can fold up so they’re a lot more portable, which makes them travel essentials when going pretty much anywhere with your pup.

How to find the best collapsible dog bowl

There are a ton of collapsible dog bowls to choose from, each with their own unique features.

Travel dog bowls typically come in two types of materials: silicone or a waterproof fabric.

Most silicone bowls are machine washable for easy cleanup, while the fabric bowls can usually only be cleaned by hand.

Fabric bowls can usually fold up completely (and some even come with a pouch to slip it in), while silicone bowls can flatten but can’t get much smaller, especially if there’s a plastic rim.

Some fabric bowls even have the added bonus of doubling as a food storage pouch and come with drawstrings to create an enclosure.

So if you plan on packing light for a camping trip, a fabric bowl might be the way to go. But for a car ride or stay in a hotel, a silicone bowl is a great option.

Also keep in mind that collapsible dog bowls usually come in a couple different sizes, so make sure you’re purchasing a size that can hold a full serving of food and water and be big enough to fit your dog’s face comfortably.

Another feature that some travel bowls have is a non-skid bottom, which is ideal for larger dogs who tend to push the bowl back while they eat, or if you plan on feeding your pup on a slippery surface.

Best collapsible dog bowls

These collapsible dog bowls are perfect for travel, since they're lightweight, compact and easy to carry.

collapsible dog bowl

This portable dog bowl comes in two sizes to accommodate larger and smaller dogs, and it has a non-slip lid in case your pup can get a little messy. It’s made with a super durable, tear-resistant material, and is even backed by a one-year warranty if something ever happens to it. The bowl is easy to fold and comes with a carabiner clip to hook it on to your luggage or backpack. And at the end of your trip, it’s totally machine washable for easy cleanup. 

collapsible dog bowl

If you’re going on a hiking trip, you probably don’t want to carry around a ton of stuff. And that’s why these collapsible bowls from Leashboss are the perfect choice for backpacking. These dog bowls also double as dog food storage containers, so you can keep his bowls and supply of food all in one place. They also have a totally waterproof interior, so you can use them for his water, too. And the best part is that you can completely fold them up, so they won’t take up much room. 

personalized dog bowl

If your first priority is traveling in style, you’ll definitely need this personalized dog bowl. It’s super contemporary and has gold hardware for a polished look. And of course, the best part is you can add your pet’s name on the front of the bowl as well as on the pouch, which you can close up completely with its built-in zipper. There are four designs to choose from, so you can choose one you (and your pup) really like. 

collapsible dog bowl

You’ll have zero problems using this collapsible silicone dog bowl from SLSON. You can order a pack of two smaller bowls or one larger one for big dogs. It’s dishwasher safe and comes in a sturdy, durable material you can’t easily tear. 

collapsible dog bowl

The “paradise” design of these dog bowls is so adorable, you might even want to use them for your pup when you’re at home. Besides being super cute, they’re actually quite functional. The material is super durable, and they can be folded up really small for portability. And since they’re totally waterproof, you can use one as a collapsible dog water bowl, too. 

collapsible dog bowl

If your pup gets super excited about dinner, or if you plan on feeding him on a slippery surface, this non-skid travel bowl is the way to go. The bottom of the bowl is a literal suction cup, so it can attach to smooth surfaces. And it has a super strong suction, too, which means this bowl won’t move — no matter how much your pup’s pushing on it! 

collapsible dog bowl

If you’re traveling with a big dog, you need these fabric collapsible dog bowls. The set comes with two dog bowls and a dog food storage container that can be rolled up for easy storage. Each bowl can hold up to 4 cups of food or water, and the storage container can hold about 25 cups of food, which is perfect for about a week’s worth of travel depending on your dog’s size. So for long trips and large dogs, this travel dog bowl set is the way to go. 

collapsible dog bowl

If your dog is a fast eater and you love using a slow feeder at home, rest assured you can get your dog a slow feeder that’s totally portable and great for trips. These bowls come in a set of two, and you can order a small or large size for your pup.