10 Christmas Dog Movies To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

‘Tis the season for dog-themed holiday movies! 🎄

dog christmas movies

Nothing’s cozier during Christmas time than snuggling up with your pup to watch a heartfelt holiday movie.

But doesn’t it always take forever to decide on the perfect flick?

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas dog movies to get you and your BFF in the holiday spirit. Whether you’re looking for something classic or a little bit different, you’ve come to the right place.

The 10 best Christmas dog movies to watch with your pup

“Santa Buddies: The Legend Of Santa Paws”

This adorable Christmas movie is a spinoff of the Air Bud franchise that follows five golden retriever puppies as they get into some silly holiday hijinks. It’s a sweet, heartwarming movie that’ll captivate you — and your dog.

“How The Grinch Stole Christmas”

This Christmas classic might not feel like much of a dog movie at first — until you remember the Grinch’s only friend, Max. Whether you’re watching the animated original or the live action remake, it’s safe to say the unsung hero of this film is actually the Grinch’s furry BFF.

“Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure”

The Beethoven movies are perfect for dog lovers, and this one will get you in the holiday mood. Your favorite Saint Bernard pup is back, and it’s up to him to save Christmas when Santa’s bag of presents is stolen. It’s sure to be a fun watch for you and your dog.

“An All Dogs Christmas Carol”

This Christmas movie is two classics in one. Watch as the lovable pups from the All Dogs Go To Heaven movies embark on their own version of “A Christmas Carol.” What more could you need in a Christmas dog movie?

“The 12 Dogs Of Christmas”

This movie takes place in a town that has banned dogs. (We have so many questions, mostly, “Why?!”) In this touching tale, a young girl puts on a pageant in an attempt to change the town’s mind about these sweet pups.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Wondering how this Halloween-Christmas hybrid qualifies as a dog movie? Let’s not forget Jack Skellington’s ghost pup, Zero. So pop it on for Zero’s spooky cuteness and stay for the catchy songs. Your pup might even join in, too.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas”

The Peanuts gang wouldn’t be complete without Snoopy, and this Christmas film is no exception. Get ready to snuggle up with your own pup and watch as Snoopy and his pals gear up for the holiday.

“Project: Puppies For Christmas”

This movie follows two girls as they set out to earn the ultimate Christmas gift from Santa: puppies, of course! Will their good deeds lead to tiny fluff balls under the tree this year?

“The Search For Santa Paws”

While on a trip to New York, Santa Claus gets in an accident that gives him amnesia. In the process, he also gets separated from his dog BFF, Paws. So it’s up to a young girl to reunite them. This Disney film will surely tug at your heart strings and make you hold your pup a little closer.

“A Doggone Christmas”

This is definitely not your typical Christmas dog movie. It’s all about a telepathic dog who gives the CIA the slip. He winds up in the arms of two brothers who aren’t exactly having the happiest holiday. Could this be the dog version of “Die Hard”? You’ll have to watch and find out.

Make sure to add these Christmas dog movies into your annual holiday rotation so you and your pup can enjoy them together.