How To Switch Your Picky Cat To A New Food

"How DARE you change my food" 😂

picky cat with food

If you’re in the process of switching your cat to a new food, you’ve probably realized that your cat isn’t really about that life.

It’s pretty common knowledge that cats love routine and tend to shy away from anything too new and jarring — like how even dare you.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible — it just takes a little time and strategy.

“Transitions should always be gradual, ideally over a seven-day period to help better the chance of acceptance,” Dr. Natalie Marks, a veterinarian at Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago, told The Dodo.

Dr. Marks also said to keep in mind that you should be extra patient with older cats or cats with chronic health conditions. “These transitions may take up to two weeks!” Dr. Marks said.

Try to follow the seven-day transition schedule:

Days 1 and 2 should be 75 percent old food to 25 percent new food

Days 3 and 4 should be 50 percent old food and 50 percent new food

Days 5 and 6 should be 25 percent old food to 75 percent new food

Day 7 should be ALL new food.

According to Dr. Marks, you’ll want to make sure your cat’s feeding area is private and quiet, away from loud noises and other distractions.

Finally, it’s not recommended to proceed with the “wait it out” approach if your cat isn’t eating. “If your cat goes longer than 24 hours without ingesting food, please call your veterinarian for guidance,” Dr. Marks said.