The Best Catnip Toys To Totally Mesmerize Your Cat

Yep, there's a cat bong 🌀🌿

Cat on catnip

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Does your cat go crazy for catnip? Is she the kind of cat who gets super hyper and rubs herself all over her catnip-infused toys? Or maybe she’s the type who lazily lounges around for hours in the sun post-catnip?

No matter how your cat does catnip, you can never have too many catnip toys around for when the mood strikes.

These catnip toys will make your cat's life that much more exciting — because to make it on this list, each toy had to meet at least one of the following requirements:

1) They’re cute
2) They’re quirky
3) They’ll keep your cat entertained
4) Cats love ’em

So without further ado, here are some catnip toys that have fulfilled one (or two or three) of these requirements.

Ultimate Cat Kicker Toy

Cat Kicker Toy

Why You’ll Love It: These well-made rollers are stuffed with organic catnip, silver vine and valerian root, which mesh together to excite even the most finicky cats. They also have a hidden jingle bell inside, making them even more enticing for your cat, to encourage tons of playtime. Plus they come in different sizes and colors for all types of cats!

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Pepperoni Pizza Slice Catnip Cat Toy

Pizza Slice Catnip Cat Toy

Why You’ll Love It: Just when you thought nothing could get more addicting than pizza, it's been stuffed with catnip and made into the perfect toy for your cat. 

Buy it now from Etsy for $14

Cat Toy Set + Organic Catnip

Catnip Toy Set

Why You’ll Love It: This catnip toy set not only comes with high-quality handmade toys that your cat will go crazy over, but it also comes with a small bag of organic catnip for you to use freely — whether you want to sprinkle some on your new cat bed or wherever else you’d like her to get comfortable with.

Buy it now from Etsy for $25.72

OurPets Far and Wide Cat Scratcher Cat Toys

Wide cat scratcher for indoor cats

Why You’ll Love It: This cat scratcher comes with catnip — perfect for sprinkling over the scratcher to entice your cat to get away from the furniture and start hypnotically turning her attention to this instead. 

Buy it now from Amazon for $13.59

Organic Catnip Taco Toys

Organic catnip taco toys

Why You’ll Love It: Well, it’s been featured on the Food Network, so if your cat is a little boujee and loves “designer” products — can’t get more food-designer than that.

Buy it now from Etsy for $10.12

Baguette Catnip Cat Toys

Baguette Catnip Cat Toys

Why You’ll Love It: If you’ve daydreamed of your cat speaking in a French accent, this baguette is for you. Not only will you be able to drink your morning coffee on your terrace as you pretend you’re in Paris, but your cat will be able to play the part as well.

Buy it now from Etsy for $11.68

Cuddling Catnip Toy Interactive Cat Toys

Avocado and chip catnip toy

Why You’ll Love It: This Amazon seller actually has a few cuddling catnip toys to choose from (or get a few for around the house!). You can get this Chips & Guac duo, but they also have Pawpsicles, Hot Wings and even a Mewshi Chef. 😭 

Buy it now from Amazon for $5.99

Frisco Bird Teaser with Feathers Cat Toy

bird teaser with feather cat toy

Why You’ll Love It: If you want to partake in the playtime fun, too, this catnip-spiked toy will give both you and your number one cat plenty of bonding opportunities. It’s got a crinkly sound, it’s got strings, it’s got catnip — what more could you (or your cat) want?

Buy it now from Chewy for $2.48

CATNIP Rocket Ship Kicker

Catnip Rocket Ship toy

Why You’ll Love It: Are you a space lover and you think your cat is too? Now she can blast off with this stuffed rocket ship and — quite possibly — be spaced out herself.

Buy it now from Etsy for $23

Felt Catnip Bong

Cat with Catnip bong

Why You’ll Love It: Listen, without beating around the bush too much — everyone knows what catnip is compared too, so why not just let it be what it’s meant to be? This catnip-infused bong isn’t only adored by cats — it’s adored by everyone who gets to see it and laugh.

Buy it now from Etsy for $7

ScratchLadder™ Ultimate Cat Scratcher Version 6

Cat Scratcher Ladder

Why You’ll Love It: OK, this one might be pricier, but it just comes with So. Much. Epicness. Each panel is designed for a different play method — like the self-grooming panel, the scratching panel, the catnip-infused colorful cat panel and the catnip mouse panel. That’s, like, 4x the fun.

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