Here Are The Best Cyber Monday Cat Tree Deals Happening This Year

Best Christmas gift ever!

Many people get all their big-ticket-item holiday shopping done on Cyber Monday because it’s the one day each year that prices drop astonishingly low. And for those of you who’ve been on the hunt for a cat tree, you know that the top-rated ones definitely fit in the “big-ticket” category.

This Cyber Monday, you can finally pull the trigger on a great cat tree thanks to the massive deals happening online.

We rounded up some of the best Cyber Monday cat tree deals, and after snagging one of these awesome trees to give your cat on Christmas, she won’t know how to properly thank you.

The best Cyber Monday cat tree deals to score while they last

Pick up a literal tree: On2 Pets Cat Tree with Leaves

The On2 Pets cat tree looks like an actual tree, and your cat will have an absolute blast hiding amongst the faux greenery. And because it blends into your houseplant collection, this tree is also one that you might miss if you blink! 

A jungle gym for your cat: Yaheetech 51-inch Plush Multi-Cat Cat Condo

The Yaheetech cat tree has everything your cat could possibly want — a condo, tunnel, hammock, perch and dangling toy. Plus, each leg on the tree is wrapped in sisal rope and is ideal for scratching. 

Celebrate the holiday: Frisco Holiday 52.3-inch Reindeer Cat Tree

Part scratching post, part tunnel, the reindeer cat tree from Frisco will easily become your cat’s favorite Christmas gift this year. It stands at a tall 52.3 inches, making it super fun for cats who love to be up high. 

For “cottagecore” cat parents: Archie & Oscar Nolette Cat Perch

Save on the Nolette cat perch from Archie & Oscar this Black Friday. This tree is a pairing of two baskets perched on sisal-wrapped posts, making it both an excellent place to chill out and scratch! Plus, this tree looks beautiful and will go great with your cottagecore aesthetic.

Something different than your standard cat tree: Prevue Pet Products Cozy Chicken Cat Tree

The 25.5-inch Cozy Chicken cat tree from Prevue Pet Products is a fun alternative to the standard cat tree you’ve seen everywhere. Your cat can curl up in the snug tunnel and take a comfy nap in the chicken’s plush.

Something to match your clean aesthetic: PAWZ Road 34-inch Cat Tree

Save on the PAWZ Road 34-inch cat tree on Amazon this Black Friday. This simple cat tree features a solid wood exterior that looks much trendier than standard plush-covered cat trees. And your cat can explore the two houses, top-tier platform, and play with the attached dangling toy.

Invest in a mega-mansion: Hey-brother 65.3-inch Cat Tree

Whether you have a crew of cats or just one queen of the castle, the Hey-brother 65.3-inch cat tree is quite the spread. It has two condos, three perches and two hammocks, as well as multiple ball toys and sisal scratching posts. You may need to move into a larger house to get this cat tree, but it’ll be worth it. 

For your bigger boys and girls: Catit Vesper High Base 47.8-in Modern Cat Tree

The heavy-duty cat tree from Catit is ideal for larger cats who love to climb. It has a wide base with a kitty condo on the bottom to keep the weight close to the ground. And this tree also features three levels of climbing platforms that are designed in a way to distribute your cat’s weight evenly. 

Keep it simple: Frisco 28-inch Faux Fur Cat Tree

If your cat likes the simpler things in life, then this cat tree from Frisco is perfect for her. It features two tiers, a single condo, and stands only 28 inches tall, which is great for cats who don’t necessarily love heights. 

Your cat will be so stoked to have her very own tree, you may have a hard time getting her down!

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